Europe Compensation Event

  • 6 years ago

With the Rise: Revolution update, a high-impact issue entered Vindictus, causing severe latency issues for players in parties on the Europe server. We apologize for the error, and the delay in isolating and eliminating this bug, and are compensating our affected European players with two weeks of bonus EXP and AP, an additional Season 3 raid departure each day and more.

Event Name Europe Compensation Event
Event Start Wednesday, July 5th (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, July 19th (Start of Maintenance)
Event Details
  • +100% EXP/AP on Europe Server only
  • +1 Season 3 Raid Departure per Day on Europe Server only
  • +3 Redeemers Battle Departures per Week, starting Monday, July 10th and ending Monday, July 24th
  • Players that had VIP or VVIP active on the Europe server while the latency issue was active will be gifted a 15 Day VVIP Capsule to their top character on the Europe server
  • East, West and Australia Servers will be unaffected