Dullahan at 95 Update

  • 4 years ago

It's time to dive back into the story of Vindictus with another update filled with goodies! Climb to level 95, battle through the frozen expanse of Donegal, gear up with new items and take on a powerful new foe, Dullahan.

Level Cap Extended to 95

As the war for the fate of Rocheste, Colhen and humanity as a whole continues, the mercenaries of Vindictus have grown even stronger, and the latest plateau to their power has finally been surpassed. With the Dullahan at 95 update, the level cap has been increased to Level 95!

With every new level, mercenaries will gain bonuses to their base stats, an increase to the DEF cap, use powerful new enchantments and more. You'll need the new power to come, because the forces arrayed against humanity show no sign of calming...

Explore Donegal

The Royal Army is on the march as the threat to humanity has grown too great for any response but open warfare. As a certain warrior recovers from her recent ordeal, the survivors of Berbhe brace themselves for what is to come and the scheming within the forces of humanity grows out of control, it will take more than fighting to win the day...

Continue Vindictus' epic story with a new episode, as the politics of Rocheste make their way to the battlefield, with the Dullahan at 95 update. You'll need to have completed the Ceara Interlude to begin the new Episode.

New Raid: Dullahan

A powerful artifact has been discovered in Donegal, but as with most things of power, an entity of tremendous power stands in it's defense. With the Dullahan at 95 update, step forth into a brand new raid and take down the mighty mystical menace, Dullahan.

When wielding a massive greatsword, this thirty foot tall uninhabited suit of armor might seem like a simple foe to face, but the magics that empower this enemy have given it a powerful edge, reforging the mighty guardian's sundered soul to act as a shield, blunting blades and turning aside even the most potent magic.

Find a way to break the shield, and ward off both mundane and mystical assaults to defeat this guardian and claim the relic it defends... plus a few other useful things.

New Equipment: Dullahan Set

Defeat Dullahan to claim Dullahan's Essence, required to craft the new item set. This set of items can only be equipped by Level 95 characters, and can be empowered with brand new Legendary Chunks. You will need to defeat Dullahan to learn how to craft these items via the Composite System.

Defeating Dullahan will also allow Brynn to craft two new, powerful rings, the Frozen Will and Frozen Thorn. Craft them now, and be ready for their companion rings that are on the horizon...

New Enchant Scrolls

Three new, Rank 6 Enchant Scrolls have been added, each of which has a chance to drop in all Season 3 Raids, with the following effects:

Chaotic Enchant Scroll

  • Rank 6 Prefix Enchant
  • Weapons
  • +340 ATT/M.ATT
  • +4 Attack Speed
  • +9% Critical Rate
  • -4% Critical Resistance

Heartless Enchant Scroll

  • Rank 6 Prefix Enchant
  • Head or Leg Armor
  • +245 ATT/M.ATT
  • +200 DEF
  • +2 Attack Speed
  • +2% Critical Rate
  • +4% Critical Resistance
  • +2 Balance

Weeping Enchant Scroll

  • Rank 6 Prefix Enchant
  • Hand or Feet Armor
  • +145 ATT/M.ATT
  • +300 DEF
  • +2 Attack Speed
  • +2% Critical Rate
  • +3 Balance
  • -1% Critical Resistance

Regina Forest Faire

Regina might be long in the past, but her elegant style and gorgeous wings have left their own mark. We'll be coming out with a brand new box with the Dullahan at 95 update, featuring several new outfits, including a brilliant set of wings and outfits based upon the Elf Queen's own design.

Learn more in the Regina Fairy Faire post.

Goddess Fragments Events

There's a lot in the Dullahan at 95 update, with a new level cap, new zone, new boss, new gear and more, but we're hardly done. There's five new events to tide you over for the next month! Claim outfits, battle through Donegal, race your way to level 95 and more!

Learn more in the Goddess Fragments Events post.

Bug Fixes, Game Improvements and Other Changes

  • +5 Equipment Packages have been removed from the Supply Depot, as they are outpaced by existing level-up rewards
  • Improved capitalization when Auto-Filling entries in the Marketplace window
  • Stat Ranking now properly handles the Balance stat
  • Stat Ranking now properly uses M. ATT instead of ATT for Arisha
  • Fixed some cases where story progression would not properly display
  • Earrings can now be Dismantled
  • Expertise Recipes added for a number of Armorsmithing, Goldsmithing and Weaponsmithing items
  • Fixed "Sword Sheath Collector" requiring the previous Leather Sheath
  • Fergus and Brakis can now craft Sticky Bombs
  • Fixed an issue where Additional Damage was not affected by balance
  • Fixed an issue where the game crashed upon ending client
  • Fix an issue where the game crashed sometimes upon opening Emote UI
  • Fixed an issue with AP balance displayed as 0 in AP shop
  • Fix an issue where the boss final shot scene and damage dealt meter did not display in some battles
  • Fixed a crashing issue when clicking the Guild window's guild member chat button
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect error message being displayed with sending via mail due to capitalization
  • Fixed an issue where a blessing stone type could not be placed in shared storage if the blessing stone was used in Solo departure
  • Fixed an issue where the right-click function did not work in the menu panel
  • Fixed an issue where cooldowns would not properly display on the quickslot bar
  • Fusion now works for items of the same class but have different appearances
  • Fixed an issue where the boss defeat cutscene occurred upon completion of Alban Festival stages
  • Fixed an issue with the repair option not working in the Battle Retry window
  • Fixed an issue where certain body tattoos did not display properly on low resolutions
  • Fixed an issue where certain Season 1 battles continued to award 50 AP after multiple runs
  • Added Secondary Weapon Damage boost for the Secondary Weapon Proficiency skill