Black Friday 2017 - Cyber Monday

  • 4 years ago

It's that time of year once again! Thanksgiving is hitting the United States hard and the deals are coming out to play! Gobble up the new Black Friday Bonanza case, and check back every day as new items go on sale with every day!

Cyber Monday Encore

Cyber Monday brings an encore sale of each of the Black Friday Daily Deals! Get Merc Recovery Potions, Enhancement Runes, Unbind Potions, Character Appearance Alteration Coupons and Hero's Lucky Boxes, all for half off, even if you already purchased them during their Daily Deal!

Sale Name Cyber Monday Encore
Sale Start Monday, November 27th (12:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM CET / 7:00 AM AEDT 11/28)
Sale End Tuesday, November 28th (12:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM CET / 7:00 AM AEDT 11/29)
Location Supply Depot
100x Merc Recovery Potions
  • Price: 2,300 NX
    • Normal Price: 4,600 NX (50% off!)
  • Can purchase once per character at the Sale price
  • Immediately restores 1300 HP (1500 HP at Lv. 60-69, 1700 HP at Lv. 70+) and can be used while knocked down and without cooldown
  • Potions cannot be traded
Enhancement Rune
  • Price: 1,950 NX
    • Normal Price: 3,900 NX (50% off!)
  • Can purchase five times per account at the Sale price
  • Protects +10 and lower items from Enhancement Failure, including potential destruction. Rune will not be consumed if the Enhancement is successful, and when consumed will reward an Enhancement Rune Fragment that can be combined with other Enhancement Rune Fragments to create a new Enhancement Rune
  • Rune cannot be traded
20x Unbind Potions
  • Price: 4,850 NX
    • Normal Price: 9,700 NX (50% off!)
  • Can purchase once per account at the Sale price
  • Unbinds bound Weapons and Armor, allowing them to be traded with other players. Item must have Unbind Counts remaining.
  • Potions cannot be traded
Appearance Alteration Coupon
  • Price: 4,900 NX
    • Normal Price: 9,800 NX (50% off!)
  • Can purchase once per account at the Sale price
  • Allows you to change your character's Skin Color, Eye Color, Eyebrows and Body Type
  • Must purchase from the Supply Depot, purchasing from the Avatar Shop will not trigger the discount
  • Appearance Alteration Coupon cannot be traded
10x Hero's Lucky Boxes
  • Price: 4,450 NX
    • Normal Price: 8,900 NX (50% off!)
  • Can purchase once per account at the Sale price
  • Contains a random item from the possible contents, including special Primal Flame weapons and a variety of utility items.
  • Lucky Boxes cannot be traded, however many of the items are either easily tradable or are Airtight and can be traded once.

2017 Black Friday Bonanza

The 2017 Black Friday Bonanza case contains outfits, pets, wings, tails and more, including some of the hottest items of the last two years! Take another shot at the Hellfairy pets, claim special outfits or grab other valuable prizes for the next week!

While the item you receive from each 2017 Black Friday Bonanza is random, the items within are considered extremely valuable and useful, and almost every item within is tradable at least once! This special Lucky Box is only available for a limited time, so make sure to get your hands on one before they disappear.

Item Name 2017 Black Friday Bonanza
Sale Start Wednesday, November 22nd (End of Maintenance)
Sale End Wednesday, November 29th (Start of Maintenance)
Location Supply Depot
  • 1x 2017 Black Friday Bonanza: 5,000 NX

5% chance of receiving one of the following:

May instead receive one of the following:

  • Succubus Queen Outfit, Special Field Set, Special Seafarer Sets, Special Demon Hunter Set and Special Tieve Set can be worn by Female Characters only
  • Smooth Summer Set, Stadium Set, Special Stadium Set, Keaghan Set and Special Captain Keaghan Set can be worn by Male Characters only
  • Stadium and Field Sets contain "The Giggler" backpack, which equips as a Back item
  • Rewards a random item from the possible contents
  • Can open from the Bigby Bottomless Box screen
  • Can purchase a maximum of 10 2017 Black Friday Bonanzas per account per day
  • 2017 Black Friday Bonanzas cannot be traded
  • All Airtight items can be traded to other players or placed on the Marketplace once
  • Avatar and Clodagh's Dye Ampoules can be placed on the Marketplace or in Shared Storage
  • Server Megaphones can be placed in Shared Storage