Sweet Valentine Sales

  • 3 years ago

Valentine's Day is a week away, and we're kicking off our celebration with a new fishing event and the return of several of our most popular Valentine's themed items! Check it all out below.

Valentine's Day Love Package

The Valentine's Day Love Package is back for another year! Containing a Fragrant Rose gear item to clutch between your teeth and an Armor Fusion Rune, head into battle with not a helmet but a rose, daring your opponent to try to cut it off!

Item Name Valentine's Day Love Package
Sale Start Wednesday, February 7th (End of Maintenance)
Sale End Wednesday, February 21st (Start of Maintenance)
Location Supply Depot
  • 3,900 NX
Valentine's Day Love Package Contents
  • 1x Fragrant Rose
  • 1x Armor Fusion Rune
  • Fragrant Rose is a Head Gear item with no stats
  • Armor Fusion Rune can be used to transfer the appearance of one gear item to item, provided they can both be equipped and in the same slot

Valentine Fishing Event

Valentine's Day is nearly here, so we're bringing back the traditional fishing event! With three titles to claim, chocolates granting powerful buffs and a special Head Gear item you can collect, there's plenty of rewards you can claim for only 50 gold per rod!

Event Name Valentine Fishing Event
Event Start Wednesday, February 7th (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, February 21st (Start of Maintenance)
Event Details
  • Purchase event-exclusive Lovely Valentine Rods from the Owl NPC on fishing boats (100 rods for 5,000 Gold, once per day)
  • Fish with the Lovely Valentine Rods on the Fishing Boat to gain Lovely Valentine Pouches, containing a variety of items including the Shining Heart Halo and two special titles!
  • Fish with 1,000 Lovely Valentine Rods to gain the Burnt Out Valentine title and the Baby Gremlin Cheer Box Emblem
Lovely Valentine Pouch Contents Each Lovely Valentine Pouch contains one of the items at random:
  • Shining Heart Halo
    • Head Gear Item with a random primary color
    • Can be dyed
  • Title: One With Plenty of Fish in a Bucket, Not the Sea
  • Title: The Lonely Hearts Club Band of One
  • Cherry Chocolate
    • Grants +300 ATT/M.ATT for 60 seconds when consumed
  • Milk Chocolate
    • Grants +200 DEF for 60 seconds when consumed
  • Caramel Chocolate
    • Grants +20% movement speed for 30 seconds when consumed
  • Mint Chocolate
    • Restores 5 Stamina per second for 60 seconds when consumed
  • Goddess Grace (Gift)
  • Magic Powder
  • AP 10 Capsule
  • Catfish
  • Trout
  • Salmon
  • Sweetfish
  • Ignacht Carps
  • Carp
  • Salmon Egg
  • Carp Egg
  • Non-Fish pouch rewards cannot be traded
  • Titles reward no stats

Devotion Ring Box

Valentine's Day is a happy day for couples everywhere, and the Devotion Ring boxes are a lovely way to show your favorite players how much you care. Granting +5 LUK and +5 Stamina and personalized with your characters' names, it's a beautiful gift with a powerful set of bonuses!

Item Names Valentine's Day Devotion Ring Box
Sale Start Wednesday, February 7th (End of Maintenance)
Sale End Wednesday, February 21st (Start of Maintenance)
Location Supply Depot
  • Devotion Ring for yourself, etched with another character's name
  • Second Devotion Ring that can be freely traded, etched with your character's name
  • Devotion Rings are Necklace Accessories that grant +5 LUK and +5 Stamina
  • Rings expire after 30 Days

1,900 NX

Horn-Rimmed Glasses Package

Get classy with the Horn-rimmed Glasses Package! Containing the Classy Horn-rimmed Glasses avatar item and an Avatar Dye Ampoule to use to give it a special color, it's a beautiful and simple little cosmetic bonus!

Item Names Horn-rimmed Glasses Package
Sale Start Wednesday, February 7th (End of Maintenance)
Sale End Wednesday, February 21st (Start of Maintenance)
Location Supply Depot
  • Permanent Classy Horn-rimmed Glasses
    • Head Avatar Item
  • 1x Avatar Dye Ampoule

7,900 NX

Pink Dye Boxes

Finally, we're also bringing back out the Pink Dye Boxes! These boxes contain either a Clodagh's Dye Ampoule or Avatar Dye Ampoule (depending on the box opened) filled with a random shade of red, purple, pink or white.

Item Names Pink Dye Ampoule Box and Pink Outfit Dye Ampoule Box
Sale Start Wednesday, February 7th (End of Maintenance)
Sale End Wednesday, February 21st (Start of Maintenance)
Location Supply Depot
  • A random filled Dye Ampoule with a shade of red, purple, pink or white

Pink Dye Ampoule Box:

  • 1x: 990 NX
  • 10x: 8,900 NX

Pink Outfit Dye Ampoule Box:

  • 1x: 1,900 NX
  • 10x: 19,000 NX

Continuing Sale: Death Cube

A new set of wings and six brand-new outfits lay within the brand-new Death Cube! With the vicious styles of the Death Knight and Lady sets, the casual summer look from the Moonshot sets, the extravagant glory of the Mad Dog set or the simple beauty of the Sakura Blossom set, there's a style for everyone here with shadowy Dragon Wings to go with! You have until February 15th to pick up all the Death Cubes you want!

Top Row: Special Death Lady Set with Dragon Wings, Special Death Knight Set with Dragon Wings
Middle Row: Special Moonshot Shirt Set, Special Moonshot Blouse Set
Bottom Row: Special Mad Dog Set, Cherry Blossom Outfit

Item Name Death Cube
Sale Start Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 (End of Maintenance)
Sale End Thursday, February 15th, 2018 (Start of Maintenance)
Location Supply Depot
  • 1x Death Cube: 1,900 NX
  • 11x Death Cube: 19,000 NX

In addition to normal prizes, contains a Death Cube Piece that can be traded in at the Exchange Shop for a variety of prizes.

5% chance of receiving one of the following:

May instead receive one of the following:

  • Airtight Premium Armor Fusion Rune (Gift)
  • Airtight Armor Fusion Rune
  • Airtight Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift)
  • Airtight 7 Day VVIP Service Package
  • Airtight Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (Permanent)
  • Airtight Appearance Alteration Coupon
  • Airtight 30 Day Cadet Badge
  • Airtight Perpetual Enchant Coupon
  • Airtight Pure Skill Reset Capsule
  • Airtight 5x Unbind Potion
  • Airtight 30 Day Ancient Bloody Shade (Tradable)
  • Airtight Premium Bath Soap
  • Airtight Permanent Makeup Coupon
  • Airtight 15x Divine Blessing Stone
  • 3x Airtight Max Awakening Increase Potion
  • Assorted Outfit Dye Ampoule (Empty or Filled)
  • Assorted Clodagh's Dye Ampoule (Empty or Filled)
  • 20x Server Megaphone
  • Airtight Permanent Body Tattoo Coupon
  • Airtight Permanent Face Tattoo Coupon
  • 2x Airtight 30x Merc Recovery Potion (Gift)
  • Airtight 50x Merc Recovery Potion (Gift)
  • Airtight Permanent Hair Coupon
  • Airtight 30 Day Unlimited Inner Armor Pass
  • Airtight AP 1000 Capsule
  • Airtight AP 500 Capsule
  • 3x Airtight 10x Merc Recovery Potion Plus (Gift)
  • 5x Airtight Goddess Grace (Party)
Death Cube Piece Exchange Shop Rewards
  • Death Lady Outfit, Moonbeam-Soaked Blouse and Pastel Cherry Blossom Outfit can be worn by Female Characters only
  • Death Knight Outfit, Moonbeam-Soaked Shirt and Mad Dog Outfit can be worn by Male Characters only
  • Rewards a random item from the possible contents
  • Can open from the Bigby Bottomless Box screen
  • Death Cube cannot be traded
  • All Airtight items can be traded to other players or placed on the Marketplace once
  • Filled Avatar and Clodagh's Dye Ampoules can be placed on the Marketplace or in Shared Storage
  • Server Megaphones can be placed in Shared Storage
  • Must be Level 70 or higher to purchase with NX Credit