Spring Outing Package and More

  • 3 years ago

UPDATE: The Spring Outing Package originally had the wrong price, both in-game and in this post, and the Yukatas within have Normal outfit stats, not Limited. The price has been updated to 19,900 NX, and players that purchased it at the original price will receive a full refund.

Spring is here, and we have a special package with your choice of gorgeous Yukatas and some colorful dyes, an update to the Hero's Lucky Box, adding the Primal Flame Battleshade, and more! Check out all the details below.

Spring Outing Package

Item Names Spring Outing Package
Sale Start Wednesday, March 21st (End of Maintenance)
Sale End Wednesday, April 18th (Start of Maintenance)
Location Supply Depot
  • Yukata Outfit Selection Box
    • Allows you to select the preferred Yukata for your character's gender
    • Female Characters can choose between the Floral Yukata, Classic Floral Yukata or the brand new Kingyo Yukata!
    • Male Characters can choose between Dragon Yukata and Classic Tiger Yukata
  • 3x Pastel Outfit Dye Boxes
    • Contains an Avatar Dye Ampoule filled with a random pastel, white or black color

19,900 NX

  • Dye Boxes cannot be traded, however resulting Dyes can be freely traded
  • Yukatas cannot be traded

Royal Long Hair

Sale Start Wednesday, March 21st (End of Maintenance)
Sale End Permanent
Location Avatar Shop
Available Items
  • Royal Long Hair (Female Only)
  • 30 Days: 1,590 NX
  • Permanent: 4,300 NX

Hero's Lucky Box Update

Item Name Hero's Lucky Box
Sale Start Wednesday, February 21st (End of Maintenance)
Sale End Available Indefinitely
Location Supply Depot
  • 1x Hero's Lucky Box: 990 NX
  • 11x Hero's Lucky Box: 9,900 NX
  • 33x Hero's Lucky Box: 29,700 NX
  • New Item: Primal Flame Battleshade
  • Primal Flame Dragonspine
  • Primal Flame Shield
  • Primal Flame Large Shield
  • Primal Flame Focus
  • Primal Flame Twin Swords
  • Primal Flame Twin Spears
  • Primal Flame Longsword
  • Primal Flame Long Hammer
  • Primal Flame Staff
  • Primal Flame Battle Scythe
  • Primal Flame Battle Pillar
  • Primal Flame Cestus
  • Primal Flame Bow
  • Primal Flame Cross Gun
  • Primal Flame Twin Chainblades
  • Primal Flame Greatsword
  • Primal Flame Glaive
  • Primal Flame Spellsword
  • Primal Flame Phantom Dagger
  • Primal Flame Bastard Sword
  • Primal Flame Teide
  • Airtight Departure License
  • Airtight Premium Armor Fusion Rune (Gift)
  • Airtight Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift)
  • Airtight Home VVIP Service Package (7 Days)
  • Airtight Premium Skill Awakening Rune
  • Airtight Appearance Alteration Coupon
  • Airtight Permanent Body Tattoo Coupon
  • Airtight Permanent Face Tattoo Coupon
  • Airtight Perpetual Enchant Coupon
  • Airtight Pure Skill Reset Capsule
  • Airtight Unbind Potion (x5)
  • Airtight AP 1000 Capsule
  • Airtight Armor Fusion Rune
  • Airtight Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (Permanent)
  • Airtight Skill Awakening Rune
  • Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (10% - 50%)
  • Airtight Shared Storage Coupon (30 Days)
  • Airtight Cadet Badge (30 days)
  • Airtight Ancient Bloody Shade (30 Days)
  • Airtight Premium Bath Soap
  • Airtight Videk's Safeguard
  • Airtight Ampoule Extractor
  • Airtight Max Durability Increase Potion (x5)
  • Airtight Divine Blessing Stone
  • Airtight Max Awakening Increase Potion
  • Assorted Outfit Dye Ampoules (Empty or Filled)
  • Assorted Clodagh's Dye Ampoule (Empty or Filled)
  • 10x Server Megaphone
  • Airtight Merc Recovery Potion (30x)
  • Airtight Merc Recovery Potion (50x)
  • Airtight Unlimited Hair Pass (30 Days)
  • Airtight Unlimited Inner Armor Pass (30 Days)
  • Airtight AP 500 Capsule
  • 2x Airtight Merc Recovery Potion Plus
  • 2x Airtight Goddess Grace (Party)
  • Airtight Skill Reset Capsule

In addition, each case contains a Vindicator's Coupon, which can be traded in at the Exchange Shop for a selection of items.

  • Primal Flame weapons can be freely traded
  • All Airtight items can be traded to other players once
  • Filled Dye Ampoules and Server Megaphones can be placed on the Marketplace or in Shared Storage
  • Rewards a Random Item from the possible contents
  • Can open from the Bigby Bottomless Box screen
  • Must be Level 70 or higher to purchase with NX Credit