No Bad Dogs Event and More

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No Bad Dogs

Event Name No Bad Dogs
Event Start Wednesday, Apr. 18th(End of Maintenance)
Event End Tuesday, May. 15th(Start of Maintenance)
Event Details
  • When you complete Season 3 battles, you can obtain Dog Chow Boxes where you find a random kind of dog chow (up to 5 a day)

    • The dog has 3 emotional states of normal, happy, and sleepy. If you use the dog chow according to each state, the gauge fills up by 2 notches

  • You obtain rewards according to the dog's growth level

    • The dog starts from 1-year-old and grows up to 13-year-old. When you fill the 13-year-old gauge full, the event ends. (It does not reset)

    • Every time the dog ages, event reward is given

    • 1 year corresponds to 10 notches of the gauge

  • Special Dog Bag: You can obtain one dog of your choice from White Dog, Black Dog, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Welsh Corgi, Golden Dog, and Silver Dog

  • Pet functions: no attack abilities, cannot be incapacitated, and item hunt

  • Dog's gifts and growth items cannot be traded or moved within account, and can be opened until 05/23/2018 at 7:00 UTC

  • Possible Prize for No Bad Dogs
    • Gift for the dog's Second birthday

      Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) x5

    • Gift for the dog's Third birthday

      Goddess Grace (Binding) x5

    • Gift for the dog's Fourth birthday

      Resenlian's Wings (7 Days, Gift)

    • Gift for the dog's Fifth birthday

      Server Megaphone (Binding) x3

    • Gift for the dog's Sixth birthday

      Merc Recovery Potion Plus (Binding) x5

    • Gift for the dog's Seventh birthday

      Divine Blessing Stone (Binding) x3

    • Gift for the dog's Eighth birthday

      Max Durability Increase Potion (Binding, x3)

    • Gift for the dog's Ninth birthday

      100 Brynn Elixir (Binding) x2

    • Gift for the dog's Tenth birthday

      Title: Dog-feeding Hero

    • Gift for the dog's Eleventh birthday

      Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (30 Days)

    • Gift for the dog's Twelfth birthday

      Special Dog Bag(Pet Destiny Box)

    • Last gift from the dog

      Premium Enhancement Rune (Gift)


Arcana in Crisis Event

Event Name Arcana in Crisis Event
Event Start Wednesday, April 18th(End of Maintenance)
Event End Tuesday, May 8th(Start of Maintenance)
Event Details
  • Arcana Battle Additional Departure +1
  • Increase the drop rate by x2 for Totem-only Enchants, [Sealed] and [Truth]
  • When you defeat Arcana, the [Hot Spring Manager's Log] drops, and it can be exchanged with rewards at the Exchange Shop
  • Exchange Shop Items (4/18 - 5/8)
    • 15x: Eternal Legacy (can be exchanged once per character)
    • 5x: Masterpiece Bracelet Box (can be exchanged 3 times per character)
    • 1x: Shining Kitty Ticket (no exchange count limits)
    • 1x: Element Stone Catalyst (no exchange count limits)