Maintenance time change

  • 3 years ago

Dear Players,

From April 24th, time and the day of the week for Maintenance will be changed.

Please check the following to prevent confusion.



  • Day of the week

    Before : Every Wednesday 

    Changed : Every Tuesday


  • Starting Time

     Time Zone Before  Changed 
    Pacific   8:00 AM 00:00 AM
     Eastern  11:00 AM  3:00 AM
     Europe  5:00 PM  9:00 AM
     Australia  1:00 AM  5:00 PM
  • Note: Please note that server Shut down may start 1~2 mins earlier than its schedule.


Due to the changed maintenance date, End date of the following events will be changed to April. 24th.


  • Desert Princess Inner Armor

    Desert Princess Inner Armor is available till April. 24th(Start of Maintenance).


  • Desert Crystal

This event will be closed on April. 24th but exchange shop will be opened till May. 2nd.


  • Battleshade Attendance Event

    Battleshade Attendance check Coupon can be exchanged till April. 24th(Start of Maintenance).



The End Time may change depending on the purpose of each maintenance.

Thank you.