Arisha Whip Warm-Up Event

  • 3 years ago


Arisha Whip Warm-Up Event

Starting Date Ending Date
June 12th (End of Maintenance) June 26th (Start of Maintenance)

Event Details

  • Characters of all levels are able to participate.
  • During the event period, maximum of 5 boxes daily, of W, H, I, P item drops will occur. And you will receive one of the four letters which will be randomly given.
  • With the letters you have received, head over to the exchange shop by right-clicking the coupons and exchange the accrued letters with rewards.


Letters will be dropped in certain battles. Here is the list of where you can obtain the letters:

W Garden of Tears The Missing Soul  
H Radiance Iron Fist  
I Island Ruins Temple of the Fallen Moon Distorted Truth
P Denizen of the Deep Agony and Despair  


List of Possible Rewards:

Materials Rewards for Arisha Rewards for Other Characters Price Purchase Restrictions
W Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (30 Days) Coupon 3 Extra Passports 10 1 per Character
H Equipment Contract (30 Days) Coupon 1 Armor Fusion Rune 10 1 per Character
I Special Arisha Costume (30 Days) Coupon 1 Intermediate Element Stone 15 1 per Character
P Exquisite Agony Artifact (30 Days) Coupon Title: Elegant Queen 10 1 per Character

* Note: Only the letters are transferable but not once they've been exchanged to rewards.

* The exchange can only be made until July 3rd, 2018, before the weekly maintenance.