2nd Redeemer Update Events & More!

  • 3 years ago

2nd Redeemers: Event 1

Start Date End Date
July 31st (After Maintenance) August 14th (Before Maintenance)

* Rewards will be given out on August 21st (After Maintenance)


Set your sail to head out to challenge yourselves in the Second Redeemers: Dark Side of the Moon. Take part in one of the followings: Dark Side of the Moon, [Guild] Dark Side of the Moon, [Passport] Dark Side of the Moon and receive the title Title: Balor Challenger and Strange Balor Emblem below:

Balor Challenger

Is Balor too challenging for you? No worries, these are rewards for your daring attempts, so give your best and you shall be rewarded for your efforts NOT your results.

  • Please note that the rewards are restricted from: Marketplace, trading via mail, Guild Storage, and Shared Storage.



2nd Redeemers: Event 2

And for those valiant mercenaries, here we have another event in store for you.

Start Date End Date
July 31st (After Maintenance) September 4th (Before Maintenance)

* The Exchange Shop will be available during 7/31 - 9/11.


As previously mentioned, this event isn’t for all. For those that truly believe that can defeat the great God of Destruction, Balor, can go ahead and give it a try. This will truly be one of the most challenging events, but there will be sweet rewards to receive if you succeed.

If you do succeed in defeating Balor, followed by your great achievement, you will receive a Balor Core, which has Balor’s power encapsulated. Collect the cores by opening up a Box of Resolution: Redeemers and receive your rewards for your victory and courageousness. Then, go to the Exchange Shop for the exchangeable items.

Balor Wings Effect

Available at the Exchange Shop:

Items # of Balor Cores Needed
Title: Balor Defeater 1
Balor Wings Effect Box (60 Days) 2
Balor Wings Effect Box 3
  • Balor Cores usage is enabled for Account Mailbox and Shared Storage.
  • Please note that these items are all bound and have a one-time exchange limit.
  • Please note that the rewards are restricted from: Marketplace, trading via mail, Guild Storage, and Shared Storage.



Epaulet Enhancement Event

Bump up your Epaulets levels during the Epaulet Enhancement Event!

Start Date End Date
July 31st (After Maintenance) September 4th (Before Maintenance)
  • Epaulet Enhancement Stone Drop Period: 7/31 (After MTC) - 8/21 (Before MTC)
  • Epaulet Usage Period: 7/31 (After Maintenance) - 9/4 (Before Maintenance)


From the start of the event, you will receive an Epaulet via mail if your character is at level 80 or above. And if your character has yet to reach level 80, no worries. As long as your character reaches level 80 during the event period, you will be able to receive an Epaulet.


Now, here’s how you can receive the Epaulet Enhancement Stone:
If you complete the Today’s Battle successfully, you will receive an Epaulet Enhancement Stone. Therefore, you will be able to receive maximum of 5 Epaulet Enhancement Stones in game, per day. If this is not enough for you, you always have the choice of purchasing maximum of 5 Epaulet Enhancement Stones per day from the Warm Welcome Shop.

  • There will be no expiration terms for the Epaulet Enhancement Stones.
  • Epaulet Enhancement Stones are destroyable and sellable. However, when sold, you will get 2 AP in return instead of Gold.



Golden Time Event

Starting Date Ending Date
July 31st (After Maintenance) August 21st (Before Maintenance)

Come and get as much gifts as you can during the Golden Time Event!
Jump in the game from 7/31/2018 to 8/20/2018 and receive a special gift EVERY DAY!
Yes, you read it correctly, you will be receiving daily rewards gift during the Golden Time Event. Don’t miss out on your everyday gifts and refer to the tables below for further details!

Please Note:

  • All rewards are receivable once per account, non-tradeable, but are transferable within the same account.
  • The receivable avatars will depend on the gender of your character
  • You can retrieve your items 30 minutes after you have logged in
  • All unused rewards will expire by 2018/10/31 07:00 UTC
  • All coupons exchanged will expire by 2018/08/28 07:00 UTC


Items Exchangeable for the Summer Golden Time Coupons:

Items Tickets Required Purchase Limit
Reilly's Toy: Fireworks Festival (30 Days) 10 No Purchase Limit
Reilly's Toy: Summer Beach (30 Days) 10 No Purchase Limit
Legendary Shard Destiny Box 20 1 per Account
Golden Time Rune Pouch
(please refer to the table below for the contents in the Rune Pouch)
10 4 per Account
Triumph Medal Pouch x 20 5 1 per Account
Seal of Bravery Pouch x 30 5 1 per Account
Resenlian’s Wings (Single Use) 3 No Purchase Limit


Rune Pouch Contents (Items):

  • Enchant Rune Fragment
  • Enhancement Rune Fragment
  • Premium Armor Enhancement Rune Fragment
  • Destruction Safeguard Rune Fragment
  • Fusion Rune (Gift)
  • Unstable Enhancement Rune
  • Unstable Enchant Rune
  • Destruction Safeguard Rune (Gift)
  • Enchant Rune (Gift)
  • Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift)
  • Premium Fusion Rune (Gift)
  • Enhancement Rune (Gift)
  • Premium Enhancement Rune (Gift)
  • Premium Armor Enhancement Rune (Gift)
  • Gear Protection Rune(+10-12)
  • Premium Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift)
  • Premium Enchant Rune (Gift)
  • Extraction Rune (Gift)


Faded Death Cube Contents:

Collect all your Faded Death Cube and open them up! Please note that all items below are not tradeable and that gender exclusive items cannot be kept in the Avatar Shared Storage. Also, please note that there won’t be any Exchange Shop Coupon that were available in the Death Cube.

  • S-Grade:
    • Airtight Death Knight Set (Effect)
    • Airtight Death Lady Set (Effect)
    • Airtight Dragon Wings
    • Airtight Moonshot Shirt
    • Airtight Moonshot Blouse
    • Airtight Sakura Blossom Set
    • Airtight Mad Dog Set
    • Premium Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift)
    • Premium Enhancement Rune
    • Premium Enchant Rune
    • AP 10000 Capsule
    • AP 5000 Capsule


  • Others:
    • Premium Fusion Rune
    • Fusion Rune
    • Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift)
    • VVIP Service Package (7 Days)
    • Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (7 Days)
    • Skill Awakening Rune
    • Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (50%)
    • Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (40%)
    • Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (30%)
    • Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (20%)
    • Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (10%)
    • Appearance Alteration Coupon
    • Shared Storage Coupon (7 Days)
    • Cadet Badge (7 Days)
    • Perpetual Enchant Coupon
    • Pure Skill Reset Capsule
    • Unbind Potion
    • Ancient Bloody Shade (7Days)
    • Premium Bath Soap
    • Max Durability Increase Potion
    • Divine Blessing Stone
    • Max Awakening Increase Potion
    • Outfit Dye Ampoule(Filled)25 25 25
    • Outfit Dye Ampoule(Filled)230 230 230
    • Outfit Dye Ampoule(Filled)220 15 15
    • Outfit Dye Ampoule(Filled)16 0 220
    • Outfit Dye Ampoule(Filled)210 210 0
    • Outfit Dye Ampoule(Filled)97 12 177
    • Outfit Dye Ampoule(Filled)81 220 15
    • Outfit Dye Ampoule(Filled)251 197 227
    • Outfit Dye Ampoule(Filled)215 234 255
    • Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule(Filled)25 25 25
    • Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule(Filled)230 230 230
    • Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule(Filled)220 15 15
    • Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule(Filled)16 0 220
    • Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule(Filled)210 210 0
    • Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule(Filled)97 12 177
    • Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule(Filled)81 220 15
    • Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule(Filled)169 250 250
    • Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule(Filled)255 191 255
    • Server Megaphone
    • Permanent Body Tattoo Coupon
    • Permanent Face Tattoo Coupon
    • Merc Recovery Potion (Gift)
    • Merc Recovery Potion (Gift)
    • Unlimited Hair Pass (7 Days, Gift)
    • Inner Armor Unlimited Pass (7 Days, Gift)
    • Outfit Dye Ampoule (Gift)
    • Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule (Gift)
    • AP 1000 Capsule 
    • AP 500 Capsule
    • Merc Recovery Potion Plus (Gift)
    • Goddess Grace (P)
    • Skill Reset Capsule