Notice: Upcoming Redeemers Integration

  • 3 years ago

Greetings Mercenaries,

The Redeemers Battle that is able to depart with the Guild Departure Licenses and or Departure Licenses (maximum twice per week), will be integrated together as one with this upcoming September 4th’s update.

The Redeemers Battle is right now limited to a maximum of two battle completions per week, and two extra battles through Guild Departures or Departure Licenses.

Since the current Redeemers Battle system, which is divided into several sections such as Redeemers/Guild and Redeemers/Departure Licenses, is largely viewed as an inconvenience, we have decided to combine these to provide the most convenient way of participating in Redeemers Battles.

Redeemers 2 X per Week 4 X per Week
Guild Departures 1 X per Week -
Departure Licenses 1 X per Week -
Max # of Departures / Week Total 4 Times Total 4 Times

With this integration as shown above, the ‘[Guild] Sea of Reflection/Dark Side of the Moon Battle’ and the ‘[Passport] Sea of Reflection/Dark Side of the Moon’ will be removed and no longer require any extra Guild or Departure Licenses.

Players who have Departure Licenses will be able to sell them in-game at an adjusted price after the weekly maintenance on September 4th, Tuesday.

We hope this will bring more convenience and pleasure to your Vindictus experience.

- The Vindictus Team