The Red Stigma Conqueror Event

  • 3 years ago


2019-01-21 Update:

For a little over a month, we've asked and looked for honorable heroes who've taken on against the unpredictable goddess, Macha, who drives her powers from chaos, pain, and fury. The heroes who have successfully taken on this conquest and have submitted moments of their noble victories against the great Macha have been listed below. Please join us in congratulating and recognizing the achievements of their completion!

Veneratoria NA
ISnatchMoney NA
TheDestroyer NA
Everglow NA
TackyMexican NA
ikevi NA
MochiSweet NA
Karamyth NA
Aniol NA
Quinque NA
Kotori NA
JoongKi NA
TheEvilEnderman EU
Ooooc EU
MetalLotus EU
Adversity EU
Featch EU
KnightFromHell EU
Ansfrid EU
Silvesa EU
MizukiTsuki EU
Tony EU
Azunan EU
Karenda EU
zZinekz EU
Skylian EU
Animiko EU
MsDoppiofilo EU
Tadha EU

Thank you for your participation in this event.


Mercenaries, now you will have the chance to face the goddess that was once thrown out of Paradise. She is one brutal goddess, and today, you have the chance to defeat this ungraceful being. Never underestimate Macha, and beware as she can still find weak points in your heart and mind.

Display your honorable victory against Macha on the Vindictus Forum: CLICK HERE!

And the first 10 Heroes that posted the screenshot of their completion of the Red Stigma battle and their victory against Macha will get Red Stigma Event Reward on the 21st of January! And the rest of you that have completed will also be receiving rewards listed below.

Event Start December 11th, 2018 (After Maintenance)
Event End January 21st, 2019 (Before Maintenance)
  1. Fight in Red Stigma Battle.
  2. Defeat Macha in the Red Stigma.
  3. Take a screenshot of your victory and completion of the battle.
  4. Post your screenshot on the forum.
  5. The first 10 will receive the followings:
    1. Emblem & Title: Red Stigma Conqueror
  6. The rest of the users that have completed the battle successfully will receive the following:
    1. Title: Red Stigma Pioneer
  • Please make sure to post with the account that you access Vindictus with.
  • You will only be able to receive the rewards if you post with the SAME account used in Vindictus.
  • If you have the exact same party members, and there are multiple screenshot postings of completion, it will not be counted.
  • Only one posting of victory per party will be taken into account, so you better hurry and get to posting your victory!