Grimden Update

  • 4 years ago


The deadly assassin Grimden is now here!

The unbearable pain he has experienced through his childhood has hardened his heart, gradually making him detached from the rest of the world. And his excruciatingly painful childhood turned the once a pure-souled child into the ice-cold assassin he is today.

Now, Grimden knows no pain nor mercy and will not flinch at the sight of death. Grimden will completely annihilate anything or anyone that gets in his way. The deadly assassin strikes swiftly and when he uses his cloning abilities, his attacks are unpredictable. Make sure you hold your breath, as Grimden will strike you within the blink of an eye. There won’t be enough time for you to plan your next move against this deadly assassin.

Here are some of the ways this heartless assassin, Grimden strikes his foes:


Phantom Strider

Phantom Stride skill allows Grimden to have phantom-like mobility, allowing rapid movements. When the Phantom Stride is activated, there will be an increase in your stamina recovery and buff on your dodge skill.


Aerial Evasion

Aerial Evasion takes advantage of Grimden’s cloning technique, allowing you to guard your foes’ attack from the rear and escape the crisis. As your final position will be behind your foe, you will be able to quickly react and activate the most optimal attack or defense skill accordingly and strike at the right moment.


Million Daggers

Million Daggers also takes advantage of Grimden’s cloning technique. First, cloning technique will be activated and the clones that are spread our will scatter daggers everywhere. You won't be attacked while the skill is active, and the hit count changes depending on enemy location.


Lethal Crosscut

Lethal Crosscut will allow for you to execute complete annihilation of your foe. With unpredictable speedy strikes, your foes will be completed within a blink of an eye. An immeasurable force will be unleashed as you use Lethal Crosscut.


You don’t know what you’re up for until you come face to face with Grimden.

Venture the world of Vindictus and explore the darkest paths with Grimden.


  • NoteYou will be receiving the Grimden Registration Package after the maintenance on December 11, 2018, if you have signed up for the Grimden Registration Event correctly.


If you have signed up for the registration event and have not received the Registration Package after December 11, 2018 maintenance, then please contact our CS Team: