Join Vindictus Twitch Bounty Board

  • 3 years ago



Greetings Mercenaries,

We’ve partnered with Twitch to participate on the ‘Bounty Board Program,’ and therefore, the ‘Vindictus Twitch Bounty Board’ has begun today December 13th, 2018!

Only ‘Twitch Bounty Board Closed Beta Partners’ will be eligible to participate in this program, and if you are so, it’s your time to show off your streaming skills with your comprehensive knowledge of Vindictus!

However, if you’re not eligible to participate in this program, it’s also your chance to watch how famous streamers play Vindictus in Twitch, and enjoy how they play this epic game!

Don’t miss out on the chance to watch famous streamers enter our epic world in Twitch starting today, and luckily, through them, we can see our latest new hero, Grimden!

For more information regarding the Bounty Board Program, please visit the
Twitch Bounty Board Program Information and FAQ

- The Vindictus Team