Weekly Maintenance: January 21st

  • 3 years ago


Update: The scheduled weekly maintenance for January 21st has been completed. Thank you for your patience throughout. 


Greetings Mercenaries,

There will be a weekly maintenance tomorrow on Monday, January 21st, at 10:58 PM PT. During this period, all servers will be unavailable, and we anticipate the maintenance to conclude at around 7:30 AM PT, Tuesday, January 22nd.


- Maintenance Time Frame -

Pacific: 10:58 PM - Tuesday 7:30 AM PT
Eastern: Tuesday 1:58 AM - 10:30 AM ET
Europe: Tuesday 7:58 AM - 4:30 PM CET
Australia: Tuesday 4:58 PM - 1:30 AM AEST

* Estimated length of time for each maintenance is subject to change without notification.


- Maintenance Details -

Server Upkeep

Ending Sales
Soul Crystal
Superior Enchant Elixir Package
Package of Strength
First Enhancement Package
Newbie Booster Package

Upcoming New Sales
Returned Orchid Fauna Chest (1/22 - 2/26)
Prize Wheel Event Ticket (1/22 - 2/19)

Ending Events
2018 Winter Attendance
Happy New Year
The Red Stigma Conqueror

Upcoming New Events
Get the Gold Bracelet! (1/22 - 2/19)
Prize Wheel Event (1/22 - 2/19)
Daily Guild Mission (1/22 - 2/19)
Golden Time (Extended ~ 2/10)


 Thank you for your patience and understanding in advance.

- The Vindictus Team -