Grave of Madness Update & Events!

  • 3 years ago


Be prepared to face the notoriously barbaric and destructive raid boss, Agares!

Agares is a skilled hunter who can shatter a huge stone pillar into pieces with a single blow and uses physical strength to close in on its preys. The deep caves where you fight is Agares' hunting grounds, where you will face Agares, who wields the giant hammer. And will crush you into pieces.

In the midst of battles, Agares temporarily puts his hammer down and boasts its strength by wielding and swinging a giant pillar that looks almost impossible to even lift. Pillar attacks are slow, but their attack range is wide. Even a small move creates a shockwave and if you fail to dodge and are hit, you may take a large amount of damage. So, make sure to always be on your guard mercenaries.

Sounds a bit intimidating? Fear not mercenaries, to support your victories, we have prepared events for you, so check them out below!



Agares Raid Challenge Support Event

Event Start March 26th (After Maintenance)
Event End April 16th (Before Maintenance)

* Exchange Shop will be available during the event period listed above.

During the event period, you can obtain the event item from Season 3 Raid battles, including the Agares raid. And by using the event item, you will receive 1 random reward and 1 Exchange Shop Coupon.

Random Rewards Quantity
Premium Enchant Rune (Gift) 1
Premium Armor Enhancement Rune (Bind)
Premium Enhancement Rune (Gift)
AP 2000 Capsule (Gift)
Unstable Enchant Rune (Binding)
Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone Plus (Gift)
Unstable Enhancement Rune (Binding)
Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone
Damascus Steel (Binding)
Max Durability Increase Potion (Binding)
Lambent Powder
Spirit Magic Powder
Magic Stone
Element Stone Catalyst
Spirit Water
Element Shard
Seal of Bravery
Godly Cloth
Heavenly Leather
Godly Iron Ore
Paradise Orb
Fine Aromatic Bath Soap
Fine HP Potion 10


Exchange Shop Items Quantity Coupons Required Number of Exchanges
Dullahan's Essence 1 40 Purchase limited to once per character
Enchant Rune (Binding) 30 Purchase limited to 2 times per character
Enhancement Rune (Binding) 20 Purchase limited to 3 times per character
Eternal Legacy Purchase limited to once per character
Abomination's Essence 10
Eochaid's Essence
Damascus Steel (Binding) No purchase restrictions
Fine HP Potion 10 1



Enchant of Madness Event

Event Start March 26th (After Maintenance)
Event End April 16th (Before Maintenance)

During the Enchant of Madness Event period, the Grave of Madness battle rewards, the drop rates for Sealed Enchant Scroll and Truth Enchant Scroll will be DOUBLED! And on top of the DOUBLED drop rate, there will be +1 additional departure for Grave of Madness every day during the event period!