Pet Encyclopedia Added!

  • 3 years ago


Pet Encyclopedia

With the use of the NEWLY ADDED Pet Encyclopedia, you can now see the pets that you have shared many memories with and gain better insights of your pets. In addition, the Pet Encyclopedia allows you to see pets that you have not yet acquired.

Depending on the levels and ranks of the pets you currently have in your Pet Encyclopedia, you will receive various Pet Effects.

And through the use of Pet Effects from your pets, your character can receive various benefits in battles.

If you are new to the pet system, no worries! When you complete the Pet Encyclopedia story with the Strange Traveler, you will be rewarded with [Pet: Junior Chieftain] for completing the story!



  • Pet ranks are added.
  • Pets' Greedy Gem skill is improved.
  • Pets' Ore Delivery skill is improved.


How to Access the Pet Encyclopedia:

MENU (shortcut ‘T’) > PET (shortcut ‘P’) > PET ENCYCLOPEDIA (at the very bottom of the Pet window)



Pet Vanguard

Pets can now join the Partholon Vanguard! Grow pets to max level and form a Vanguard party. Each character can be accompanied by up to three pets. Depart for Vanguard Missions with pets, and receive various additional benefits!



Promote and Search for Party Members!

You can now look for party members in game by utilizing the NEWLY ADDED PARTY menu, which can be accessed via the main menu as shown below:

Now you can Invite, Promote, and leave party with ease!