Wing Growth Event & More!

  • 3 years ago


Wing Growth Event

Event Period: April 30th - May 14th
Wing Duration: ~ June 11th

Event Details

  • Per-Character Event
  • Lv. 30+ gets event story 1
  • Select Incomplete Spirit Wings (Yellow or Green)
  • Obtain [Heart Powder x1] as event core from all battles Lv. 30+ (1 per battle) (up to 10 a day)
    • Can exchange for [Heart Powder (Growth Power)] and [Heart Powder (Magic Power)] from the Exchange Shop
  • With Heart Powder (Growth Power): +1 stage [growth] - total 7 stages
  • With Heart Powder (Magic Power): +1 stage [stats] - total 5 stages (can be used after growth ends)
  • When you bring the last stage, [Brilliant Spirit Wings] (Yellow or Green), through story 2, you receive the following rewards:
    • Strange Cat's Gift Box (Yellow or Green)
      • Title: Wing Scholar x1
      • Emblem: Brilliant Spirit Wings (Yellow) or (Green) x1
      • Enchant Rune (Gift) x1
      • Enhancement Rune (Gift) x1

Exchange Shop:

Item Obtained
When Purchased
Required Quantity
Heart Powder
(Growth Power)
1 5 6 x per Char
Heart Powder
(Magic Power)
1 7 5 x per Char
Divine Blessing
Stone (Gift)
1 2 None



Abundant Luminary Dungeon Event

Event Period: April 30th - June 4th

Event Details

  1. When logging in as a character at Lv. 70+ during the event period, send 1 ' Gathering Dungeon Entry Ticket' to the Mailbox per character. (If a character below Lv. 70 reaches Lv. 70, send via Mail)

  2. Also, when logging in as a character at Lv. 70+ during the event period, can start the 'Event: Shayla's Gathering Dungeon' story through [Shayla].

  3. Regardless of the story progression, the 6 'Gathering Dungeons' as below will rotate and open every day at 07:00 UTC (NA system reset time).
    1. Monday: Gathering Dungeon [Mon]
    2. Tuesday: Gathering Dungeon [Tue]
    3. Wednesday: Gathering Dungeon [Wed]
    4. Thursday: Gathering Dungeon [Thu]
    5. Friday: Gathering Dungeon [Fri]
    6. Saturday: Gathering Dungeon [Sat]
    7. Sunday: Gathering Dungeon [Sun]
    8. ※ Drop Blue Gathering Essence on M/W/F / Red Gathering Essence on T/Th/Sat / both on Sunday

  4. You can depart for 'each Gathering Dungeon' by using the entry ticket you received in the mail (Since the ticket is consumed upon entering the dungeon, it is impossible to exploit through forfeiting/retrying)

  5. At the end of the dungeon, 'Vengeful Langro' appears, the same as in the Luminary Dungeon (Obtaining the title is recommended)


Items and Prices from Shayla's NPC Shop

Items Purchasable with the Blue Gathering Essence

Item Required Quantity
Gremlin Balloon Box 60
Kitty Tail 60
Small Eyeglasses 50
Swirly Glasses 50
Gremlin in the Hat 60
Forest Gremlin in the Hat 50
Cat Headpiece 60
Baseball Cap Box 50
Panda Headpiece (Female) 60
Panda Headpiece (Male) 60
Prime Bunny Ear Headband 50
Soccer Ball Hat (No Logo) 40
Soccer Ball Hairpin (No Logo) 40
Heavy Ballistics Helmet 50
Rose Shaped Glasses Beret 50
Aurora Princess Tiara (Event) 30
Aurora Princess Blouse (Event) 30
Aurora Princess Gown (Event) 30
Aurora Princess Gloves (Event) 30
Aurora Princess Shoes (Event) 30


Items Purchasable with the Red Gathering Essence

Item Required Quantity
Golden Headcat 60
Honeybee Headband 50
Honeybee T-shirt 50
Bear Ears Hairpin 50
Fox Ear Hairpin 50
Superior Bunny Ear Headband 50
Fluffy Halo 60
Cat Headpiece 50
Oni Mask 40
Oni Horns 40
Flashing Devil Horn Headband (Event) 50
Glowing Devil Horn Headband (Event) 50
Bat Headband 50
Bandaged Eye Patch 50
Eye Patch 50
Tin-Can Robot Helm (Event) 30
Tin-Can Robot Mail (Event) 30
Tin-Can Robot Greaves (Event) 30
Tin-Can Robot Gauntlets (Event) 30
Tin-Can Robot Boots (Event) 30