Returning Mercenaries & Redeployment

  • 2 years ago


Returning Mercenaries Event

Start Date End Date
April 30th, 2019 Until Further Noticed

Welcome back Mercenaries and check out what we have prepared as your welcoming gifts! Returning Mercenaries event has been extended due to its popular demands! Don't miss out on getting your additional perks with the Returning Mercenaries Event! 

Please Note:

  • You will be qualified as a Returning Mercenary if you have not logged in for the past 30 days.



Redeployment Event

Event Period: April 30th - June 4th

Event Details

  • When logging in during the event, give the Redeployment Necklace (30 Days) in the mail to returning players, per CID.
    • Since it is based on CID, all characters of the returning player will receive the item.

  • Redeployment Necklace (30 Days)
    • All trades not possible
    • ATT, M. ATT, and DEF +500, respectively
    • ATT SPD, Critical, Balance +1, respectively