Eira Release Raid Event

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: May 14th - June 4th
Exchange Shop: May 14th - June 11th

Celebrating the two-week mark of the recent new hero release, 'Eira: The Void Witch,' we've arranged a special Raid Event for all you Mercenaries who are hungry to kill some Raid Bosses and receive a chance at winning special rewards at the same time! For only 3 weeks, clearing any Season 3 Raid will give you an 'Eira Release Raid Coupon' that you can exchange for the following items below! You can obtain up to 10 Coupons per day so find your guild, pound those bosses, and exchange them for limited items now!

Item Quantity Required
(per Character)
Spring Fairy Set 1 140 Once
Nobleman Set (Event) 1 140 Once
Noblewoman Set (Event) 1 140 Once
Shining Kitty Ticket 1 30 3 Times
Seal of Bravery 10 15 3 Times
Triumph Medal 10 15 3 Times
Merc Recovery
Potion (Binding)
5 1 Unlimitedly

Lock and load your Mana Revolvers Mercenaries, and let's get on with the Raids!