Together With Guild Event

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: May 14th - June 4th

What's more lively and entertaining than fighting side by side with your comrades in battle? That's right! The more guild members you go out into battle with, the stronger you'll feel! For only 3 weeks, we're supporting all the Mercenaries who're going to battles with their guild members with an exceptional buff! The more your members join you, the bigger the support your group will get! So get your members ready and assemble for battle!


Event Details

  1. Going through battles with guild members will give you a buff.

  2. Depending on the number of guild members playing together, it will provide the respective rank's buff:

    1. 2 Members: STR +50, INT +50, DEF +100, Crit +1, LUK +10
    2. 3 Members: STR +60, INT +60, DEF +150, Crit +1, LUK +10
    3. 4 Members: STR +70, INT +70, DEF +200, Crit +1, LUK +10