Special Dungeons Update

  • 2 years ago


Avatar of Destruction & Memory of the Past

Welcome to the Special Dungeons Mercenaries!

You can access the two Special Dungeons, [Avatar of Destruction & Memory of the Past] from the [Catacombs] region in Rocheste. Each Special Dungeon will be available weekly and separately, starting with Special Dungeon [Avatar of Destruction].

Below are few tips for the Special Dungeon [Avatar of Desctruction], we thought this may help you achieve the maximum result!



  • You can attack using the Ballista; when inflicting a certain amount of damage, Glas Ghaibhleann is knocked down (Ballista damage is increased to 50,000).
  • You can go up to the 2nd floor and obtain the ‘Judgement of the Goddess.’ And you can obtain up to 3 at once. (You can use the ‘Judgement of the Goddess’ item to rescue your party member when they have been grabbed.)
  • Attack the grabbing hand to rescue your party member.
  • 2 players can work together to attack Glas Ghaibhleann's right wing to get the destroy the 'Chain Hook' part (when destroying the part, there is an Evil Core reward; Glas Ghaibhleann changes its mode).


Special Dungeon Rewards

  • Changed so that the bracelets are only dropped in Special Dungeons, not in existing battles.
Item Name
Clear Additive (Professional)
Fragrant Additive (Professional)
Thick Additive (Professional)
Blue Pigment (Professional)
Red Pigment (Professional)
Yellow Pigment (Professional)
Seal of Bravery
Enhancement Elixir
Special Dungeon: Enchant Pouch
Masterpiece Gem Box
Superior Masterpiece Gem Box
Damascus Steel

Receive rare evil core and other rewards and face the spectacular challenges with the two Special Dungeons, [Avatar of Destruction & Memory of the Past].