Goddess' Heart Event

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: June 4th - July 2nd

Mercenaries we need your help! Help us complete the Goddess Statue! Whenever you clear a battle that's level 20 or higher, you'll obtain 1 'Goddess Heart.' (You can obtain up to 20 per week.) Collect the 'Goddess Hearts' and use it to complete the Goddess Statue and receive rewards it gives for your bravery! The statue of the Goddess is in your hands so go now!

Important Note:

  • All rewards, except for the Restoration Scroll, are given as no expiration + binding specs.
    • Restoration Scroll can be used for a month after the event ends. (Until 8/2/2019 07:00 UTC.)
  • Per-character Event
  • Since the max number of "Goddess' Heart" items obtainable during the event is 80, there are no rewards beyond stage 10.
  • You can move around the Goddess Statue Gauge UI around by click & dragging the UI around the screen.

Level Goddess'
Reward Quantity
1 8 8 AP 500 Capsule (Gift) 1
2 16 Enhancement Rune (Binding)
3 24 Damascus Steel (Binding)
4 32 Perpetual Enchant Coupon (Gift)
5 40 Seal of Bravery 10
6 48 Damascus Steel (Binding) 2
7 56 Premium Enhancement Rune (Gift) 1
8 64 Damascus Steel (Binding) 3
9 72 Enchant Rune (Binding) 1
10 80 Restoration Scroll (Gift)