Special Dungeon Celebration & More!

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: June 4th - June 18th
Exchange Shop: June 4th - June 25th

Special Dungeon Celebration Event

With celebration to the new update of special dungeons, we're giving out special coupons upon your completion of the dungeon to be exchanged with rewards at the Exchange Shop! Check out the details below and make the best out of this opportunity!

Event Contents

  1. 2x Drop Rate for Damascus Steel
  2. Seal of Bravery (Event) +1
  3. Battle count for 2 types of Special Dungeons +1
  4. When completing the Special Dungeon, you obtain 1 'Special Dungeon Special Coupon.'
    1. This can be exchanged with rewards from the Exchange Shop.
Item Name Quantity Required # of Coupons Purchase Specs per Character Trade Specs
Damascus Steel (Binding) 1 8 3 X Bind
Special Challenger Title 5 1 X
Superior Masterpiece Bracelet Box 3 None
Departure License 2
Max Durability Increase Potion (Gift)
Divine Blessing Stone (Binding) 1

Superior Masterpiece Bracelet Box Contents

Item Name Quantity
Gold Bracelet 1
Silver Bracelet
Copper Bracelet
Leather Bracelet

Important Note

  • Special Dungeon [Avatar of Destruction & Memory of the Past] will be available.
  • Each one will be available weekly and separately, starting with Special Dungeon [Avatar of Destruction].



Event Period: June 4th - June 18th

Double Warm Welcome Ticket Event

We know you all love the 'Warm Welcome Ticket' we give you. So, for just a limited amount of time, we're giving out double for all players! During the event period, you can purchase double the amount of all items from the Warm Welcome Shop!



Event Period: June 4th - July 2nd

Weekend Hot Time Event

The weekends will continue to be hot Mercenaries! Check out what's being offered during the weekends this event period and don't miss out on even a single one!

Item Sunday
June 8 2x AP June 9 Core +1
June 15 2x AP June 16 Core +1
June 22 Additional
Departure +1
June 23 Free
June 29 Additional
Departure +1
June 30 Free