Raid Package

  • 2 years ago


Sale Period: July 2nd - July 30th

Celebrating the addition of a new raid, the Brilliant Lugh, we've put together a special "Raid Package" for all you mercenaries who are taking on the new challenge to support your endeavor! This package will give you a glorious title, a 30-day Raid Epaulet which gives additional battle stats, and a Cadet Badge for 30 days only at 8,900 NX! Open up this package while it's on sale and receive all the support you can get!

Item Name Contents Price
Raid Package
  • Title: Born for Raids
  • Raid Epaulet (30 Days)
    • ATT/M. ATT/DEF +200, Critical +1

  • Cadet Badge (30 Days)
10,000 NX -> 8,900 NX