Vindictus Everyday Event & More!

  • 2 years ago


Event Period: July 2nd - July 16th

1. Double Warm Welcome Ticket Event

With celebration to the new raid, we'd like to give our Mercenaries twice as much "Warm Welcomes" by doubling the Warm Welcome tickets and your purchase amounts!

  1. During the event period, all players will receive 2x Warm Welcome Tickets! and,
  2. You can purchase 2x the amount of all items from the Warm Welcome Shop!

Enjoy & Don't miss this chance!



2. Vindictus Everyday Event

For a limited event period of time, complete the Daily Missions, and obtain 3 [Everyday Coupon]s!

  • Coupon Drops: July 2nd - July 16th

Take the coupons and exchange them for a reward at the Exchange Shop!

  • Exchange Shop Period: July 2nd - July 23rd

Exchange Shop Rewards

Items Quantity Price Purchase Limit
13 Restorative Enhancement Rune (Lv. 95 Armor) 1 12 1x per Account
Restoration Scroll 1 12 1x per Character
Paradise Cube 1 1 10x per Character
Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) 3 1 None
  • Tradability Specs for all items above are Bind.
  • Paradise Cube is durational to be usable until July 30th.
  • Restoration Scroll is durational to be usable until July 30th.

Paradise Cube

  • The 'Paradise Cube' has bound-to-character specs.
  • It can be used with a character at Lv. 90 or higher.
  • When you put 1 'Paradise/Heavenly/Godly...' item in the 'Paradise Cube,' you can obtain min. 2 to max. 10 Paradise/Heavenly/Godly material items. (Since you consume 1 material item you have, you actually are obtaining 1-9 items.)
  • For all materials, even when you put in a tradable item, you will receive items bound to the character.
  • Sell the 'Paradise Cube' to the Shop and it will give you 2 APs.
Key Item Material Name Obtained Quantity Probability
Godly Cloth Godly Cloth 2 27.00%
3 23.00%
4 18.00%
5 10.00%
6 8.00%
7 6.00%
8 4.00%
9 3.00%
10 1.00%

* Cloth is an example. All materials below will be the same as above.

Note: Coupon limit and reward exchange limit are counted per character. All rewards, including their contents, are bound to the character.