The Golden Summer Special Time Event!

  • 2 years ago


Event Period: July 30th - August 27th

The Golden Summer On-Time Event

Just like Eira's telling you above, log in on the weekends on time according to the schedule below and collect free event gifts given to each account that are bound to the character! Don't miss out on this chance to get the Electro Swag Sound Player outfit (Head Part)!

Event Rewards

Week Login Time
Item Name Quantity Expired
Sat., Aug. 3rd, 2019 30 Max +20 Accessory Enhancement Swap Coupon Box 1 2019-09-24
Sun., Aug. 4th, 2019 Additional Departure Boost Pack (30 Days)
Sat., Aug. 10th, 2019 Maximum +3 Quality Alteration Coupon Box
Sun., Aug. 11th, 2019 Premium Enchant Rune
Sat., Aug. 17th, 2019 Electro Swag Sound Player (Outfit-Head Part) -
Sun., Aug. 18th, 2019 Damascus Steel (Binding) 3
Sat., Aug. 24th, 2019 Damascus Steel (Binding)
Sun., Aug. 25th, 2019 Max +15 Enhancement Swap Coupon Box 1 2019-09-24



Golden Summer Hot Time Event

During the duration of the event, the weekends are going to be "hot" giving you the extra boost for your battle play! Log in during the weekends and receive the additional support we give you!

  • August 3rd (Saturday): Core +1
  • August 4th (Sunday): 2x Expertise Proficiency & Speed

  • August 10th (Saturday): Additional Departure +1
  • August 11th (Sunday): 2x AP

  • August 17th (Saturday): Core +1
  • August 18th (Sunday): 2x Expertise Proficiency & Speed

  • August 24th (Saturday): Additional Departure +1
  • August 25th (Sunday): 2x AP