Summer Raid Bingo Event

  • 2 years ago


Event & Exchange Shop Period: August 13th – 27th

How about a fun game of Bingo right after your Season 3 battle raid and win free rewards in exchange for the coupons you win? For only 2 whole weeks starting from today, we’re giving out free gifts in exchange for your Season 3 raid clearances! Claim a Season 3 raid victory, receive a ‘Summer Raid Bingo Ticket,’ and exchange for a reward of your choice at our shop! The ticket cannot be traded but can be obtained up to 10 times per day so take advantage of this event and collect as much as you can!

Reward Item Quantity Required Coupons Purchase Limits
Title: Game of Bingo 1 10 1 per Character
Title: Bingo is Coming
Bingo Number Pouch 5 N/A
Bingo Random Number Pouch (1-5) 3
Bingo Random Number Pouch (6-10)
Bingo Random Number Pouch (11-15)
Bingo Random Number Pouch (16-20)
Bingo Random Number Pouch (21-25)
Goddess Grace (Binding) 1
  • In exchange for coupons, you can get 25 types of designated number pouches, 2 types of titles, and others.
  • All rewards cannot be traded.


Bingo Rewards (All Binding)

Category Reward Item Quantity Expiration
Bingo 1 Departure License (Event) 1 '19-9-24 7:00 UTC
Bingo 2 Raid Blessing Box 2
Bingo 3 Paradise Cube 3
Bingo 4 Shining Kitty Ticket 1
Bingo 5 Ampoule Extractor (Binding) None
Bingo 6 Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) 5
Bingo 7 Server Megaphone (Binding) 2
Bingo 8 Departure License (Event) 1 '19-9-24 7:00 UTC
Bingo 9 Raid Blessing Box 2
Bingo 10 Seal of Bravery 3 None
Bingo 11 Goddess Grace (Binding) 2
Bingo 12 Triumph Medal 3
Special Rewards: Bingo 3 Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone 1
Special Rewards: Bingo 6 Unstable Enhancement Rune
Special Rewards: Bingo 9 Unstable Enchant Rune
Special Rewards: Bingo 12 Choice of Butterfly Wings Box Expires 30 Days After Aquisition
  • Though the wing box has an expiration, once you get the wings from the box, the wings themselves are permanent.
  • Please note that rewards from the Bingo Board can only be claimed once, so make sure to fill out the Board as much as you can before claiming them!