Attend Belle's Celebration Splash Event

  • 2 years ago


Event Period: October 15th - November 26th

The 15th new hero, Belle, is on her way to Colhen and everyone's excited about her, and so are we! But waiting is never fun. So we've decided to hold a celebration party for all who simply just show up and show their enthusiasm for her coming! Simply join the party in-game every day and collect gifts we give while you wait! Oh, and if you have yet registered for her exclusive items, sign up for her through the Registration Event now! Time to party Mercenaries!

  1. Simply remain logged in-game for 30 minutes and collect your reward through the attendance UI.

  2. Each day throughout the week, a "Crystal" will be distributed alternately amongst the Desert, Magic, and Succubus.

    1. On weekdays, 1 Crystal will be distributed. On weekends, 2 Crystals will be distributed.

    2. The packages may only be opened with a Level 30 character or above.

  3. Enjoy! :)


Special Reward Item

Gacha Type Key Item
Desert Airtight Desert Princess Iset Set
Airtight White Lotus Iset Set
Airtight Ruler of the Sun Iset Set
Airtight Little Red Riding Iset Set
Airtight Steel Lord Keaghan Set
Airtight Steel Queen Iset Set
Magic Airtight Special Aura Dark Wizard Set
Airtight Special Aura White Witch Set
Airtight Special Aura Dark Sorceress Set
Airtight Gleaming Elchulus Wings
Airtight Special Dark Wizard Set
Airtight Special White Witch Set
Airtight Special Dark Sorceress Set
Airtight Special Black Shadow Set
Airtight Special Classy Set
Special Meow Maid Set
Succubus Airtight Hellfairy Maxie
Airtight Hellfairy Jessie
Airtight Hellfairy Debbie
Airtight Hellfairy Cassie
Airtight Comrade: Succubus
Airtight Special Void Reaper Set


Reward Item

Item Name Quantity Account


AP 5000 Capsule (ID Shareable) 1 Possible Possible
VIP Service Package (30 Days, Gift) N/A
Airtight Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (Permanent)
Premium Armor Enhancement Rune (Gift)
Airtight Premium Enhancement Rune (Gift)
Reilly's Face Oil (Gift) Possible
AP 3000 Capsule (ID Shareable)
Appearance Alteration Coupon (Gift) N/A
Premium Videk's Safeguard (Gift) Possible
Premium Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift) N/A
Pure Skill Reset Capsule (Gift)
Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (60%)
Enhancement Rune (Gift)
Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift)
Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (50%)
Premium Armor Fusion Rune
Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (40%)
Outfit Dye Reset Ampoule (Gift) Possible
Airtight Cadet Badge (30 Days, Gift) N/A
Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (30%)
Max Awakening Increase Potion (Gift)
EXP Blessing Stone (Gift) 15
Premium Skill Awakening Rune (Gift) 1
Armor Fusion Rune (Gift)
Server Megaphone (Gift) 3
Videk's Safeguard (Gift) 1  Possible
Divine Blessing Stone (Gift) 10 N/A
Unbind Potion (Gift) 2
Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (20%) 1
Rabi Whistle (1 Time) 10 N/A
Max Durability Increase Potion (Gift) 2 Possible
EXP Blessing Stone (Gift) 10
AP Blessing Stone (Gift)
Luck Blessing Stone (Gift)
Goddess Grace (Party, Gift) 3
Merc Recovery Potions (Gift) 10
Skill Reset Capsule (Gift) 1
Merc Recovery Potion Plus (Gift) 10
Skill Awakening Rune (Gift) 1
Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (10%)
Party Merc Recovery Potion (Gift) 10
Ampoule Extractor (Gift) 2  Possible
Goddess Grace (Gift) 3 N/A
VVIP Service Package (15 Days, Gift) 1 N/A
Unlimited Inner Armor Pass (30 Days, Gift)
Shared Storage Coupon (30 Days, Gift)
Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule (Empty)
Perpetual Enchant Coupon (Gift)
Clodagh's Experimental Dye Amouple (Empty)


  • All items from the 'Reward Item' list above are N/A for Marketplace Use, Trade by Mail, and/or Guild Box.