The 9th Anniversary Daily Mission

  • 2 years ago


Event Period: October 15th - 29th
Exchange Shop Period: October 15th - November 5th

Happy 9th Anniversary Vindictus! Join the celebration with us by participating in the anniversary event! Thank you always for your love and support for Vindictus.

  1. Receive 1 [9th Anniversary Coupon] upon completing the Daily Mission.

  2. If you login on October 20th (Sunday) and on October 27th (Sunday), a [9th Anniversary Coupon Box] will be sent to the mailbox of the character you first logged in with.
    1. Login Time:
      1. 10/20 07:00 - 10/21 07:00 UTC
      2. 10/27 07:00 - 10/28 07:00 UTC


  • 9th Anniversary Coupon Boxes can be traded within the same account. Obtain 4 coupons when used.
  • Coupons bind to character. Can be used until 11/05 UTC 07:00 (Coupon, Coupon Box).


Event Reward

Item Name Quantity Coupon Quantity Restrictions Trade Attribute
Emblem: 9th Anniversary Coin 1 2 1x per Character Bound to Character
Title: 9th Anniversary Reveler
Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone Plus 8 1x per Account Can be traded within the account
Restoration 50% Discount Scroll (Gift) 6
Airtight Mysterious Shard Grade 1 3 3x per Account
Airtight Abyssal Shard Grade 1
Wolfshead Set (Event) 6 1x per Account
Damascus Steel (Binding) 2 5 3x per Account Bound to Character

* Remaining Coupons can be sold for 2 APs.