Rock! Paper! Scissors! Event

  • 1 year ago


Event Period: December 10th - 23rd
Exchange Shop Period: December 10th - 31st

Gallagher wants you again! And is calling on you for a showdown of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Why? Because he feels like it! Challenge Gallagher in the classic game of Rock, Paper, and Scissors and win the rewards the game gives!


Event Details

  • Per-character Event
  • Character Lv. 30 or higher may participate.
  1. Go and talk to the Strange Traveler to receive and progress into the story.

  2. Through the story, play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Gallagher at the Mercenary Unit and obtain 3 Victory Marks.

  3. Go back to the Strange Traveler to complete the story and receive an Exchange Shop Coupon!
    1. Once per each day. A total of 13 coupons can be obtainable throughout the event period.

  4. Exchange the coupon at the Exchange Shop for a reward you like!

  • Daily Bonus Mission!
    • Win 3 rounds in a row without losing against Gallagher and win the Title: Rock, Paper, Scissors Champ!
    • Total of 13 chances (1 chance per each day.)
    • Title item can be traded at the Marketplace once.


Event Rewards

Item Name Quantity Coupon
Rupacitus Head Gear (Outift) 1 7 x1 per Character
Title: Rock, Paper, Scissors Master 3
Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule (Empty) x3 per Character
Clodagh's Experimental Dye Ampoule (Empty)
Ampoule Extractor (Binding) 4 None
Goddess Grace (Binding) 1 2
Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) 2 1