Regarding the New Fatigue Point System

  • 1 year ago


Dear Mercenaries,

As you already know we've added the new Fatigue System with today's update. Regarding, we would first of all, like to apologize for the sudden addition of a new system without prior notice.

The Fatigue System was added because it is a necessary addition to have to work with various future contents soon-to-release to the game. With the new Fatigue System implemented, it will still be very unlikely that your play will be limited by this addition. This is based on the statistical analysis of our Vindictus players, and most players will not even be able to exhaust their daily fatigue. However, for situations that may cause inconvenience due to the lack of fatigue, we will minimize this inconvenience by providing Fatigue Recovery Potions as much as possible through in-game events.

Another main reason for adding the new system is to limit the macro accounts. As many of you already know, there are still many players who take advantage of a number of accounts and unfairly benefit from the macro program. However, they will be now expected to have limited game use after the new Fatigue System is added, which will have a positive effect on our Vindictus game economy.

The Vindictus Team is always working very hard to increase our player's fun and convenience. Please let our CS Team know if you experience any discomfort after the new system implementation. We would always love to hear from you. Thank you always for your love and support.

- The Vindictus Team