Aodhan's Raid Release Celebration Event

  • 3 years ago


1. 'In Aodhan's Remembrance' Event

Event Period: Feburary 25th - March 10th

As all of you already read the story of the prologue to Season 4, Remembrance, Aodhan has raised his sword against the heroes. Stop Aodhan from his anger and fury strengthened by the Bloody Shade and protect those you love. You started this journey with Aodhan, now an inevitable battle has begun. 

Event Details

  • Per-character Event
  • 1 Additional Departure for the new raid, 'Remembrance.'
  • Complete the new raid for the first time and receive the [Emblem: Aodhan's Doll] as a reward. (Bound to character)



2. 2x Warm Welcome Ticket Event

Event Period: February 25th - March 10th

In celebrating the release of a new raid and to support your departures for battle, the Strange Traveler wants to give you twice as much [Warm Welcome Tickets] for the duration of the event! Take the ticket received to the Strange Traveler to receive twice as much support!

Event Details

  • Per-character Event
  • Obtain 2x [Warm Welcome Ticket]
  • Purchase 2x the amount of all items from the Warm Welcome Shop



3. 'No Fear, the Epaulet Is Here' Event

Event Period: February 25th - March 24th

Event Details

  • A [Superb Epaulet Package] will be delivered to your Mailbox once, the first time you log in with a Lv. 30+ character during the event period.

  • [Superb Epaulet Package] Contents: - Bound to Character, Expires 3/24 7AM UTC
    • Superb Epaulet x1 - Bound to Character, Expires 4/21 7AM UTC
    • Superb Epaulet Instructions x1 - Bound to Character, Expires 3/24 7AM UTC

  • Complete battles appropriate for your level and you will receive a [Superb Epaulet Enhancement Stone].
    • Bound to Character, Expires 3/24 7AM UTC
    • Remaining Enhancement Stones can be sold to the Shop for 2AP.

  • Enhance the [Superb Epaulet] with the [Superb Epaulet Enhancement Stone]!


Epaulet Stats

Enhancement Level Enhancement Rate Counterforce Max HP DEF Critical Resistance Balance
0 - 1 250 1
1 100% 2 300
2 4 350
3 6 400 2
4 8 450
5 10 500
6 12 550 3
7 14 650
8 16 750 4
9 18 850
10 20 1000 5