'To Promise the Moon' Event

  • 1 year ago


Event Period: February 25th - March 24th

Event Details

  • Per-character Event
  1. Complete raid battles with a character Lv.90+ and collect the [Moonlight Fragment].
    • Expires 3/24 7AM UTC.

  2. According to how complete the moon is, receive rewards per stage!


List of Battles that Give [Moonlight Fragment]

  • Lv. 90+ Raid Battles
  • Excludes Ein Lacher, Redeemers, Special Dungeons, etc.
Battle Names
Surprise Attack
Devil's Tower
Red Stigma
Grave of Madness
Brilliant Lugh
Eweca's Nightmare
Dungeon Laboratory
Distorted Truth
Iron Fist
The Price of Failure
The Missing Soul
Denizen of the Deep
Under the Surface
Agony and Despair
Shining Lugh
Shadow and Light
Twists in Time
Island Ruins
Corrupted Queen
Garden of Tears
Temple of the Fallen Moon


Level Cumulative # of Fragments Required # of Fragments Required Item Name Rewards
Stage 1 4 4 Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) x20
Stage 2 8 Paradise Cube
(Expires 5/31 7AM UTC)
Stage 3 12 Goddess Grace (Binding) x3
Stage 4 16 Seal of Bravery x10
Stage 5 20 100 Brynn Elixir x3
Stage 6 24 Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding) x30
Stage 7 28 Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone (Binding) x2
Stage 8 32 Intermediate Element Stone
Stage 9 40 8 Damascus Steel (Binding) x3
Stage 10 50 10 Unstable Enhancement Rune (Binding) x1
Stage 11 60 Twinkle Twinkle Moonlight Box
(Expires 5/31 7AM UTC)

* All items above are bound to the character.

Twinkle Twinkle Moonlight Box

Item Name Item Amount
+11 Ferghus's Flawless Enhancement Stone (Lv.100)
(Expires 5/31 7AM UTC)
Rare Legendary Ore Destiny Box
(Expires 5/31 7AM UTC)
Restoration Scroll (Gift)
(Expires 5/31 7AM UTC)
Enchant Rune (Binding)
Enhancement Rune (Binding)
Damascus Steel (Binding) 3
Ampoule Extractor (Binding) 4
AP 500 Capsule (Gift) 1
Merc Recovery Potion Plus (Binding) 10
Divine Blessing Stone (Binding) 5