Temporal Box Event Rerun

  • 4 years ago


Event Period: March 24th - April 21st

The Temporal Box Event is back! Like before, we're throwing out prizes but this time for every 30 minutes! Every half hour, up to five times per day, you'll be given a Temporal Box containing a random item while you're in Vindictus! Check out the details below and never miss out on this event!

Event Details

  • Per-account Event (Characters Lv. 50+)
  1. For every 30 minutes of your experience in Vindictus, a Temporal Box will be sent to your mail.
    1. Can be shared within the account and used during the event period.
    2. Can open until May 31st, 2020.

  2. Open the box to obtain items.


Reward Details

Temporal Box Contents

Item Name Quantity Tradability
Home VVIP Service 7 Days 1 Bound to Character
Home VVIP Service 3 Days
Premium Videk's Safeguard (Gift) Can Use Shared Storage
Videk's Safeguard
Intermediate Element Stone Bound to Character
Element Stone
Departure Blessing Stone Can Use Shared Storage
Server Megaphone (Binding) Bound to Character
Spirit Magic Powder
Lambent Powder
Godly Cloth 3
Heavenly Leather
Paradise Orb
Magic Stone 1
Element Stone Catalyst
Element Shard
Spirit Water
Shining Kitty Ticket