Strange News Travels & Lying Wood Man

  • 4 years ago


Event Period: March 24th - April 7th
Exchange Shop Period: March 24th - April 14th

The Strange Traveler looks quite...different and seems to have a new job for you! Talk to the Strange Traveler to know more about this "Lying Woon Man" and receive coupons as a reward to exchange them for rewards of your choice! 

Event Details

  • Per-character Event (Lv. 30+)
  1. With your Lv. 30+ character, receive and start the event [Strange News Travels].

  2. Talk to the Strange Traveler to trigger the [Lying Wood Man's Lying Recipe] event. Repeatable daily.

  3. Battle regions with enemies Lv. 30 or higher have the Lying Woon Man. Defeat it and obtain the [Lying Recipe].
    1. Defeat the Lying Wood Man to obtain the [Lying Recipe] once per day.
    2. Defeat the Lying Wood Man again to obtain a [Suspicious-Looking Potion]. Potion expires on April 21st.

  4. Go back to the Strange Traveler with the [Lying Recipe] and gain an [April Fools' Day Coupon] by selecting "gain information."

  5. Collect more [April Fools' Day Coupons] by doing the story again to exchange them for cool rewards!


Reward Details

Items Quantity Required
Groucho Glasses (Equipment) 1 7 x1 per Character
Title: Strange Information Collector 5
Leaf Flute 5 1 -

* Leaf Flute expires on May 19th.
* All items above are bound to the character.