Go Forth on Missions With Mercs Event

  • 4 years ago


Event Period: March 24th - April 7th

Event Details

  • Per-character Event (Lv. 30+)
  1. Log in with your Lv. 30+ character to receive the [Go Forth with Mercs] event.

  2. Talk to the Strange Traveler to start the event!

  3. Help the Strange Traveler every day to obtain 2 additional Friendship Seals.

  4. Complete the event story to obtain a Friendship Gift Destiny Box!
    1. Can complete the story only once per day.
    2. The Friendship Gift Destiny Box and its contents have no expiration dates.


Reward Details

The Friendship Gift Destiny Box (Bound to Character)

Item Name Quantity
First Aid Kit 1
The Advanced Fundamentals of Magic
Under the Giant Cherry Tree
Strawberry Cake
Grilled Fish
Small Doll
Energy Elixir
Moonstone Ring
Metal Polish
Fresh Iced Strawberry Brandy