v.2.63 Updates

  • 3 years ago


1. v.2.63 Updates

  • Character Growth Goals Lv. 90 Reward Change
    • Improved so that you get max-stat equipment when you use the Lv. 90 Reinforcement Full Package, which you receive from Character Growth Goals for reaching Lv. 90.
  • Tour of Duty Reward Expansion for Lv. 105
    • Expanded the eligibility for receiving Tour of Duty rewards to Lv. 105.
  • Items
    • Changed so that, when you obtain the following composite materials as loot, they are obtained as mid-range stat items.
      • Dullahan's Essence: Weapon/Shield/Giant Shield
      • Dullahan's Essence: Head/Chest/Leg/Hand/Feet Armor
      • Keen/Stable/Lightweight/Perfect Legendary Chunk
      • Solid/Smooth Legendary Chunk
      • Astera's Essence: Weapon
      • Astera's Essence: Head/Chest/Leg/Hand/Feet Armor
      • Keen/Stable/Lightweight/Perfect Legendary Ore
      • Solid/Smooth Legendary Ore
  • Quick Battle Entry Requirement Change (Counterforce)
    • Changed the Quick Battle entry threshold for Counterforce.
    • Battle Before New
      Surprise Attack 75 90
      Devil's Tower 80 95
      Red Stigma 100 102
      Grave of Madness 110 112
      Brilliant Lugh 115 116
      Dungeon Laboratory 120 125
      Remembrance 120 129
  • Weekly Mission Change
    • Changed some weekly mission rewards.
      • Changed Use Path Transformation 20 Times mission's reward from Element Stone x1 to Intermediate Element Stone x1.
      • Changed Purchase 9 Secret Boxes mission's reward from Blessed Magic Elixir x5 to Element Stone Catalyst x5.
      • Changed Complete Ben Chenner, Lochlann, or Berbhe raids 30 times mission to Complete Donegal, Jardin, or Aidan raids 20 times.
  • Others
    • Fixed the issue where unimplemented character information displayed in Partholon Vanguard.
    • Ended the Superior Bracelet Gem Box and Gem Key Fragment additional drop event in Niflheim region.



2. Lv. 105 and Above (New Lv. 105 Items)

  • Level Cap Expansion
    • Max level is expanded to Lv. 105.
    • DEF cap is changed to 29000.
    • Character Growth Goals for Lv. 105 will be added when the level cap is expanded to Lv. 110.
  • Partholon Vanguard
    • Changed the criteria for receiving Partholon Vanguard effects to the number of Lv. 100+ characters in the account.
    • The current Vanguard effects from reaching Lv. 100 will be kept.
  • New Items
    • Added new Lv. 105 weapons and armor.
      • Composite recipes can be obtained when you complete the battle called "Battle of Rocheste."
    • Added many composite material items such as Milletian's Essence, Succession Shard, etc.
      • Milletian's Essence: Weapon
      • Milletian's Essence: Head Armor
      • Milletian's Essence: Chest Armor
      • Milletian's Essence: Leg Armor
      • Milletian's Essence: Hand Armor
      • Milletian's Essence: Feet Armor
      • Keen, Stable, Lightweight, and Perfect Succession Shard items
      • Solid and Smooth Succession Shard items
      • Essence and Succession Shard items only exist for Rare rank.
    • Added new Lv. 105 Shield, Focus, and Totem items.
      • Milletian Small Shield
      • Milletian Large Shield
      • Milletian Focus
      • The Book of the Milletian
      • After you complete the Battle of Rocheste, you can craft the Small Shield and Giant Shield from Ferghus, and the Totem and Focus from Brynn.
    • Now all composite items will be obtained only with their minimum stats. You can increase the stats to the maximum through Material Synthesis. Existing stats will be maintained.
    • Added new material items necessary for Crafting and Material Synthesis.
      • New Era Ore
      • New Era Cloth
      • New Era Leather
      • New Era Orb
      • New Era Enhancement Stone
      • New Era Remnant
      • You can craft New Era material with New Era Remnant and Heavenly/Godly/Paradise materials. After you complete the Battle of Rocheste, you can craft them from Clodagh/Nel, Ferghus/Brakis, Brynn/Jarlath, and Kirstie.



3. Season 4 NPC Crafting and Expertise Revamp

  • Enhancement and Reforging
    • You can no longer get materials back when you fail enhancement of composited weapons and armor.
    • Changed the number of Damascus Steel items required for reforging Astera equipment.
    • You can reforge Milletian equipment.
      • Changed the cost required for attempting enhancements of Innocent Tear, Innocent Cry, Woeful Belt, and Grim Belt items.
      • Changed the cost required for attempting enhancement of "Frozen Will", "Frozen Thorn", "Frozen Desire", and "Frozen Dagger" items.
  • Material Synthesis
    • Lowered the costs required to increase the basic stats of Lv. 90 Essence and Legendary Shard.
    • Lowered the costs required to increase the basic stats of Lv. 95 Essence and Legendary Chunk.
    • Lowered the costs required to increase the basic stats of Lv. 100 Essence and Legendary Ore.
  • Enchant Changes
    • Changed so that the Fresh Enchant Scroll can only be used for the following items.
      • (Regina, Terminus Sentinel, Braha, Lugh Lamhfada, Abomination, or Dullahan) Small Shield or Large Shield
      • Runic Focus or Shining Focus
    • You can now use the Sealed and Truth Enchant Scrolls on Milletian Small Shield, Milletian Large Shield, or Milletian Focus items as well.
  • Changed So That Shield Items Cannot Be Enhanced
    All shield items can no longer be enhanced.
    However, already-enhanced shield items will keep their current enhancement level.
    New shields in the future are also planned to be un-enhanceable.

    This change is to improve the balance for auxiliary equipment.
    The Focus, Totem, and Shield items that will be newly updated have the same level of stats.
    We ask for your understanding that we plan to implement this change as part of our effort to improve and maintain the stats for each auxiliary equipment to the same level.

    Also, please note that crafting shields will be changed to normal crafting methods, the same as Totem or Focus items.
    For details, please refer to future updates.
  • Counterforce
    • Changed the formula of how Counterforce is applied.
      • Changed so that you can still deal 30% of the damage even if your Counterforce is 0.
      • If your Counterforce value is 100 higher than the boss's Counterforce Resistance, you will deal 100% of the damage.
      • Removed the phase where there was no change to damage even when Counterforce increased.
      • The Counterforce formula will only be applied to monsters that have Counterforce Resistance.
      • Only boss monsters have Counterforce Resistance. You can see the boss monster's Counterforce Resistance information on the Battle Info UI.
  • New Abilities
    • Added Season 4 abilities.
      • Many of the abilities will be improved.
      • Season 4 and Season 3 abilities will only activate in their respective regions.
    • Berserker and Slowdown abilities will be removed so that they can no longer obtained from new Composite or Replacement Composite.
      • Existing abilities will be maintained.
    • The Reality Distortion Lv. 5 ability, which could be changed using Material Synthesis on Dullahan Mail equipment, will also be removed so that it can no longer be replaced.



4. New Material Dungeon: Bathed in Red

  • New Battle
    • Added the new battle, "Bathed in Red."
      • You can depart (solo) starting at Lv. 100 in the Red Moon's Energy region under Toward Taratha.
      • There is a daily limit of 2 battle victories.
      • You can obtain various materials needed for your growth, including New Era materials.
      • You will consume 28% Fatigue Points when you depart.
      • A new Daily Bonus will apply every day.
        • If you complete the battle with a specific pet, you can get 1 additional New Era material.
        • Hellfairy
          Princess Iset
          Radiant Lugh
          Brave Knight
          Lotus Iset
          Elven Lugh
          Golden Knight
          Ruler of the
          Sun Iset
          Prince Lugh
          Platinum Knight
          Little Red
          Riding Iset
          - Pious
          Enraged Knight
          It will also apply to all Rare pets implemented in the future.
        • If you fight together with a specific comrade, you can receive character's action speed +10% and Speedy Stamina Restoration buff.
        • Comrade: Succubus Comrade: Arcana Comrade: Neamhain
          It will also apply to all comrades of the same rank implemented in the future. \
    • If you fight together with a specific comrade, the comrade receives an Additional Damage +1000 stat boost.
    • Upon entering battle, the Pre-Battle Checks pop-up UI is displayed.
      • If there are Mine Bombs in the character's Storage Chest, the Mine Bomb will be equipped.
      • If you have a pet that receives the Daily Bonus perk, the Pet List UI will be displayed.
      • If you have a comrade that receives the Daily Bonus perk, the Comrade tab under the character's Skills UI will be displayed.
    • Added a story, "A Grave Invitation," which introduces Bathed in Red.
  • Comrade
    • Added Battle Specialty I skill to Comrade: Neamhain.
      • It only applies in Bathed in Red.
      • You can train the skill by spending the character's AP--the same way as existing skills.
      • When you reach the highest rank for the skill, the comrade will have Additional Damage +1000 and Action Speed +20% applied.
      • If you are in an Eternal Contract with Comrade: Neamhain, the skill can be learned by other comrades as well.


5. Season 4: Episode 1 Raid: Battle (Cesar)

  • Vindictus: Season 4 Episode 1, "To the New Era"
    • Battle Quest
      • Added a new raid battle, "Battle of Rocheste."
        • Up to 4 players at Lv. 100 or higher can participate in the Fort Cessair region under Toward Taratha.
        • A new boss monster, "His Divine Armor Cesar," will appear.
        • There is a daily limit of 1 battle victory.
        • You will consume 24% Fatigue Points when you depart.
    • Story
      • Added Season 4 Episode 1 story, "To the New Era."
      • Chitchat from town residents are updated to match the story.
        • Nel, Brakis, Arthyen, Dianann, Jarlath, Dolores, Caryl, Shayla, Clodagh, and Kirstie
    • Departure
      • Added a new departure area, "Toward Taratha."
        • Added the same new battle departure standby area in Colhen and Rocheste for heading to Toward Taratha.



6. Drop Item Revamp

  • Loot Changes
    • Superior grade Legendary Shard/Chunk/Ore items can no longer be obtained as loot.
    • Loots for the following battles changed.
      > Ben Chenner Entrance Region: Regina (Battles: Garden of Tears and Corrupted Queen)
      > Ben Chenner Slopes Region: Lord Glas Ghaibhleann (Battles: Temple of the Fallen Moon and Shadow and Light)
      > Ben Chenner Trailhead Region: Braha (Battles: Island Ruins and Twists in Time)
      > Ben Chenner Summit Region: Lugh Lamhfada (Battles: Radiance and Shining Lugh)
      > Lochlann Plains Region: Infected Eochaid (Battles: Agony and Despair and Under the Surface)
      > Downtown Berbhe Region: Abomination (Battle: Denizen of the Deep)
      • 6 types of Legendary Shards can be obtained as loot.
      • Rank 7 Enchant Scrolls cannot be obtained.
      • Damascus Steel cannot be obtained.
    • > Normal battles in Ben Chenner Entrance, Ben Chenner Trailhead, Ben Chenner Summit, Lochlann Plains, and Downtown Berbhe
      • 6 types of Legendary Shards cannot be obtained.
      • Waking Stone: Cooldown (5 sec) item cannot be obtained.
      • Waking Stone: Efficient SP (70) item cannot be obtained.
      • Waking Stone: Efficient Stamina (5) item cannot be obtained.
      • Waking Stone: Damage Boost (10%) item cannot be obtained.
      • Waking Stone: Knockdown Rate (10%) item cannot be obtained.
      • Waking Stone: Major Cooldown (22 sec) item cannot be obtained.
    • > Donegal Region: Dullahan (Battle: The Missing Soul)
      > Donegal Region: Aes Sidhe (Battle: The Price of Failure)
      > Jardin Region: Arcana (Battle: Iron Fist)
      > Aidan Region: Rupacitus (Battle: Distorted Truth)
      • 6 types of Legendary Chunks can be obtained as loot.
      • Rank 7 Enchant Scrolls can be obtained as loot.
      • Rank 6 Enchant Scrolls cannot be obtained as loot.
    • > Normal battles in Donegal and Aidan regions
      • 6 types of Legendary Chunks cannot be obtained as loot.
    • > Astera Region: Inquisitor Claire (Battle: Surprise Attack), Eternal Elchulus (Battle: Devil's Tower), and Macha (Battle: Red Stigma)
      > Astera Region: Agares (Battle: Grave of Madness) and Lugh Lamhfada (Battle: Brilliant Lugh)
      > Succubus Selren (Battle: Eweca's Nightmare), Marject (Battle: Dungeon Laboratory), and Aodhan (Battle: Remembrance)
      • Rank 6 Enchant Scrolls can be obtained as loot.
      • The Dead Enchant Scroll and Subdued Enchant Scroll items can be obtained from Inquisitor Claire (Surprise Attack), Eternal Elchulus (Devil's Tower), and Macha (Red Stigma).
      • Sealed Enchant Scroll and Truth Enchant Scroll items can be obtained from Agares (Grave of Madness), Lugh Lamhfada (Brilliant Lugh), and Succubus Selren (Eweca's Nightmare).
      • Wish Enchant Scroll item can be obtained only from Marject (Dungeon Laboratory).
      • Meaningful Enchant Scroll item can be obtained only from Aodhan (Remembrance).
      • Items that have not been mentioned will have no changes made and can be obtained like before.
  • ■ Warm Welcome
    • Stopped the sale of Secret Box 1, Secret Box 2, and Secret Box 3, which were sold from the Warm Welcome Shop.
    • You can now purchase the First Secret Box, Second Secret Box, and Third Secret Box from the Warm Welcome Shop once a day.
    • With the Shining Traveler Ticket, which can be obtained from the new secret box items, you can purchase Shining Traveler's Secret Box.
    • You can use Quick Crafting to turn 2 Shining Kitty Tickets into 1 Shining Traveler Ticket.
  • Seal Shop
    • Added Aes Sidhe's Essence to the Seal of Bravery Shop.
    • Lowered the purchase price of 16 existing Lv. 95 items sold from the Seal of Bravery Shop by about 20%.
  • Story
    • Ending the service of 2 existing growth stories.
      • Unified Front
      • Looming Conflict
    • Supporting players with Lv. 95 equipment and accessories, enhancement stones, Restorative Enhancement Rune items, etc. through 4 new growth stories.
      • Traveler's Raid Battle Support
      • Traveler's Additional Raid Battle Support
      • Traveler's Astera Raid Support
      • Traveler's Additional Astera Raid Support
      • The 4 stories above can be done even with characters that already completed the existing Unified Front and Looming Conflict stories.



7. New Event: Gremlin's Checkered Flag Check-In