Raid Support Supplies Arrived! Event

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: May 5th - June 2nd
Exchange Shop Period: May 5th - June 9th

Supplies to support your Raids have arrived! Check out the Event Details below and receive the nice boost we give!

Event Details

1. Buff Supported

  • Per-character Event (For Lv. 95+)

  • Log in each day to receive 1 Buff Scroll Box via Mail!
    • When you select a Scroll and use it, the relevant stat is increased for 2 hours.
    • Buff Scrolls will expire on June 2nd, 2020 7 A.M. UTC.

  • Buff Scroll Box Contents
    Attack Speed +5 Scroll
    Critical +5 Scroll
    Balance +5 Scroll
    LUK +5 Scroll
    Additional Damage +200 Scroll
    ATT/M.ATT +600 Scroll
    Counterforce +25 Scroll

2. Clear Battles, Receive Coupons, & Exchange them for Rewards

  • Coupons will expire on June 9th, 2020 7 A.M. UTC.

  • Battle Name Max # of Coupons That Can Drop per Week
    The Missing Soul 2 Upon Completion & Up to 30 Times a Week = 60 Coupons
    Price of Failure
    Iron Fist
    Distorted Truth
    Surprise Attack
    Devil's Tower
    Red Stigma 1 Upon Completion & Up to 30 Times a Week = 30 Coupons
    Grave of Madness
    Brilliant Lugh
    Eweca's Nightmare
    Dungeon Laboratory


Reward Details

Exchange Shop

Item Name Required Coupons Purchase Limit
x1 Restoration Scroll (Gift) 60 x1 per Character
x1 Premium Armor Enhancement Rune (Binding) x2 per Account
x1 Astera's Essence Weapon (Mid-Range Stats) 50 x1 per Character
x1 Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone (NA) 35 x2 per Character
x1 Intermediate Element Stone 30
x3 Damascus Steel (Binding)
x1 Server Megaphone (Binding) 3 x10 per Character
x1 Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding)
  • Trade 'unavailable' for Mail, Account Mail, Guild Storage, and Shared Storage for the items above.
  • Leftover Coupons may be sold to Shop for 2 AP.