Event 1: Shower of Gifts Just by Logging In

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: June 16th - July 28th

It's important to stay hydrated after a long sweaty battle under this scorching heat but we'd really like to cool things off by showering you with a free surprise! Simply log in this Tuesday to Vindictus to receive a free week-long VVIP Pass! Everyone in Vindictus will get a chance at this so never miss on the event!

Event Details

  • Per-Account Event (Lv. 50+)
  1. Look out for a Shared Coupon announced on our Discord #Events tab on the 16th!
    1. Coupon expires on July 28th.

  2. Copy the Coupon code and redeem it in-game. (How-to-Redeem)

  3. Receive a [Summer Login First Box].

  4. Open it to receive a 7-Day VVIP Service for free from us!

  5. Enjoy!

Reward Details

Reward Item Contents

Summer Login First Box

(Account Transferable)
(Can be opened with Lv. 50+ character.)

VVIP Service (7-Days) x1

(Character Bound)