Shayla's Gathering Dungeon Event

  • 1 year ago


Event Period: August 25th - September 22nd

Shayla's got some new items in her Gathering Essence Shop! Check out what's new and head on to the 7 Gathering Dungeons with your Lv. 70+ Mercenary and collect those Gathering Essences for rewards of your choice! Only the persistent deserve her items.

Event Details

  • Per-character Event (Lv. 70+)
  1. During the event period, log-in with a character Lv. 70 or above to receive a [Gathering Dungeon Entry Ticket] to your Mailbox.

  2. Claim the Entry Ticket and talk to Shayla to start the 'Shayla's Gathering Dungeon Event Story.'

  3. 7 Gathering Dungeons will rotate and open each day at 7 A.M. UTC.

  4. Use the Entry Ticket you received to depart to each Gathering Dungeon.

  5. Gather items from the 5 Luminary gathering points for the Essence Shop.

  6. Exchange your Blue or Red Gathering Essences for items you need at Shayla's Gathering Essence Shop.

  7. You are able to purchase an Entry Ticket also each day for 300,000 Gold from Shayla's Gathering Essence Shop.

Reward Details

Item Name Required Gold
Gathering Dungeon Entry Ticket x1 300,000

Blue Gathering Essence Shop

Item Name Required Blue
Gathering Essence
Gremlin Balloon Box x1 60
Kitty Tail x1
Small Eyeglasses x1 50
Swirly Glasses x1
Gremlin in the Hat x1 60
Forest Gremlin in the Hat x1 50
Cat Headpiece x1 60
Baseball Cap Box x1 50
Panda Headpiece (Female) x1 60
Panda Headpiece (Male) x1
Prime Bunny Ear Headband x1 50
Soccer Ball Hat (No Logo) x1 40
Soccer Ball Hairpin (No Logo) x1
Heavy Ballistics Helmet x1 50
Rose Shaped Glasses Beret x1
Aurora Princess Tiara (Event) x1 30
Aurora Princess Blouse (Event) x1
Aurora Princess Gown (Event) x1
Aurora Princess Gloves (Event) x1
Aurora Princess Shoes (Event) x1
* [Newly Added] Electro Swag Headphones (Outfit) x1 50
* [Newly Added] Fluffy Gremlin Slippers x1

Red Gathering Essence Shop

Item Name Required Red
Gathering Essence
Golden Headcat x1 60
Honeybee Headband x1 50
Honeybee T-shirt x1
Bear Ears Hairpin x1
Fox Ear Hairpin x1
Superior Bunny Ear Headband x1
Fluffy Halo x1 60
Cat Headpiece x1 50
Oni Mask x1 40
Oni Horns x1
Flashing Devil Horn Headband (Event) x1 50
Glowing Devil Horn Headband (Event) x1
Bat Headband x1
Bandaged Eye Patch x1
Eye Patch x1
Tin-Can Robot Helm (Event) x1 30
Tin-Can Robot Mail (Event) x1
Tin-Can Robot Greaves (Event) x1
Tin-Can Robot Gauntlets (Event) x1
Tin-Can Robot Boots (Event) x1
* [Newly Added] Rupacitus Head Gear (Outfit) x1 40
* [Newly Added] Nexon Glasses (Event) x1 50
* [Newly Added] Glowing Fists x1 60