Gods of Might Event

  • 1 year ago


Event Period: September 7th - 22nd

The event for Redeemers has returned as 'Gods of Might' Mercenaries! Challenge the "gods" during the event period and reap the rewards they give also earning a new title as the 'God Challenger!' 

Event Details

  • Per-character Event (Lv. 90+)
  1. Login with a character Lv. 90 or above to receive the event story, 'Gods of Might.'

  2. Talk with the Strange Traveler to learn about the story and the buff it gives.

  3. Clear Redeemers battles, and each time you clear it 6 times, you'll receive 4 Damascus Steel (Binding).
    1. You can repeat this twice.
    2. Each of the existing Redeemers battles can be completed up to 4x a week.


Reward Details

  • Damascus Steel (Binding)
  • Title: God Challenger

Buff Details

  • Name:
    • Redeemers Challenger

  • Applies To:
    • Characters that have 100% or less Progress for Sea of Reflection.
    • Characters that have 25% or less Progress for Dark Side of the Moon.

  • Battles:
    • Sea of Reflection
    • Dark Side of the Moon

  • Duration:
    • Only during battle.

  • Effects:
    • Sea of Reflection:
      • ATT & M.ATT: +2000 (Max. 35000)
      • DEF: +3000 (Max. +20000)
      • Critical Resistance: +10 (Max. 150)
      • HP: +6000 (+15000)
      • Additional Damage: +500 (+5500)

    • Dark Side of the Moon:
      • ATT & M.ATT: +2000 (Max. 45000)
      • DEF: +3000 (Max. +25000)
      • Critical Resistance: +10 (Max. 170)
      • HP: +6000 (+20000)
      • Additional Damage: +500 (+6000)

Redeemers Play Guide

[Redeemers Battle]

Battle Name Required
Sea of Reflection Lv. 90+
Dark Side of the Moon
Tempering the Sword Lv. 100+

[Redeemers Reward]

  • When you complete Redeemers 1 or more times, the Redeemers at the bottom of Character (C) window will become active. Through the activated window, you can see the "Active Effects" and "Bonus Effect" obtained through battle.

  • When you complete Redeemers, the Character (C) window's Redeemers menu will become active.

  1. Item Effects
    • "Active Effects" are permanently applied additional stats based on the character's Redeemers Progress. Each time you successfully complete the pertinent battle, Progress will increase by 25% for "Sea of Reflection," 2% for "Dark Side of the Moon," and 1% for "Tempering the Sword," respectively. Each time you meet a certain value, you will get additional stats.

      Completion Sea of Reflection Dark Side of the Moon Tempering the Sword
      1% (M.) ATT +500 (M.) ATT +500 (M.) ATT +500
      Critical Critical +1 Critical +1
      25% HP +1000 HP +1000 HP +500
      50% (M.) ATT +250 (M.) ATT +250 (M.) ATT +250
      Critical +1 Critical +1 Critical +1
      75% ATT Limit
      Removal +300
      ATT Limit Removal +300 ATT Limit Removal +200
      Critical +1 Critical +1 Critical +1
      100% (M.) ATT +250 (M.) ATT +250 (M.) ATT +250
      Critical +2 Critical +2 Critical +2

      - Active Effects for Sea of Reflection, Dark Side of the Moon, and Tempering the Sword stack.

      - If you have a character within the same account that has reached 100% Progress for a Redeemers battle, you can get 2x the progress from completing the pertinent Redeemers battle with another character.

  2. Bonus Effect
    • Bonus Effect refers to the "Full Force," which can be obtained upon completing Redeemers 100 times.

      Full Force is activated at a set chance when hitting a boss with a smash attack when it has 70% or less HP.

      It is a special ability with which you can inflict even more powerful damage to the enemy when you use certain skills.

      However, in order to reactivate Full Force after you use the activated Full Force, you must wait for the 480-sec cooldown. Please note this when using the Bonus Effect.

      Unlike Active Effects, even if you earned Full Force from each of the current Redeemers battles, they cannot be stacked.

      Times Completed Sea of Reflection Dark Side of
      the Moon
      Tempering the Sword
      Bonus Effect 100x Full Force Lv. 1 Full Force Lv. 2 Full Force Lv. 3

      - You can choose and use only one of the Bonus Effects obtained.

      - The effects and damage are slightly different for each type of Full Force (Lv. 1, Lv. 2, and Lv. 3)

      - Information on Each Character's Skill that Activates Full Force:

      Lann Lightning Fury Hurk Full Moon
      Wicked Shot
      Fiona Amaranth Kick Lynn Killer Dart
      Stigma Hammer Sudden Gust
      Evie Active: Fire Shock Arisha Mana Edge (Stage 5)
      Bloody Thread Accentato
      Karok Mammoth Force Sylas Illusion Fist
      Big Bang
      Kai Magnum Level 3 Delia Wild Star
      Active: Hollow Shot
      Vella Deadly Storm Miri Active: Blazing Spine
      Grimden Active: Cleave Eira Active: Quantum Ruin
      Active: Infinity Shot
      Belle Rushing River Lethor Active: Tiger Claw