Squeak! Squeak! Who Took the Cheese?

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: September 22nd - October 20th
Exchange Shop Period: September 22nd - October 27th

Who took the cheese?! Complete the missions that are given to you daily to collect enough [Remnant of Cheese Thief Coupons] to unveil the mystery at the Exchange Shop! Enjoy the cute cheese thief!

Event Details

  1. Complete your Daily Missions and receive the [Remnant of Cheese Thief Coupon] x3 from the Event!
    1. The Coupon expires on October 27th.

  2. Collect enough Coupons and take it to the corresponding Exchange Shop for an item of your choice!

Reward Details

Exchange Shop

Item Name Required
Purchase Limit
Cute Outfit Selection Box x1 42 5x per Account
Cute Mouse Tattoo Coupon x1 18 1x per Character
Emblem: Lovely Cheese Thief x1 12
Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding) x2 3 None
  • All items above are Bound to Character.
  • The [Cute Outfit Selection Box] will expire on November 17th.
  • [Cute Outfit Selection Box] Contents:
    • Primary in Bloom Set (Event): Female Exclusive. 4 Outfit Points.
    • Stormy Racer Set (Event): Male Exclusive. 4 Outfit Points.
    • Hon Hon Honey Set (Event): Female Exclusive. 5 Outfit Points.
    • Chef Tender Loin Set (Event): Male Exclusive. 5 Outfit Points.