RAR's Discount Supplies Store Event!

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: September 22nd - October 20th
Exchange Shop Period: September 22nd - October 27th

The Royal Army Recruit's giving you a chance on winning some of its exclusive items through its Exchange Shop once you complete its Event Battles with the Event Coupons that drop. Check out the details below and take advantage of this opportunity while you can earning the things you need to enhance your Heroes!

Event Details

  • Per-character Event (Lv. 95+)
  1. Battle on the Lv. 95+ raids and you'll get a chance to receive [Supply Exchange Coupon] items!
    1. You can obtain up to 40 per week.

  2. Collect enough Coupons to exchange them at the corresponding Exchange Shop for items of your choice!
Event Battle Regions
The Missing Soul Devil's Tower Dungeon Laboratory
The Price of Failure Red Stigma Remembrance
Iron Fist Grave of Madness Battle of Rocheste
Distorted Truth Brilliant Lugh Clan of Darkness
Surprise Attack Eweca's Nightmare Spearhead of Paradise Lost

Reward Details

Exchange Shop

Item Name Required
Purchase Limit
(per Character)
Astera's Essence Box x1 30 1x
Restoration Scroll (Gift) x1 26
Goibhniu's Stone x1
Max Stat Astera's Essence: Armor Box x1 22
Legendary Ore Destiny Box x1
Max Stat Armor Legendary Ore Destiny Box x1
Unstable Enhancement Rune (Binding) x1 15 3x
Premium Videk's Safeguard (Gift) x1 12
Ampoule Extractor (Gift) x2 8 4x
Goddess Grace (Binding) x1 4 None
Fine HP Potion x3 1
  • All items above are Bound to Character.
  • The following items will expire on November 17th.
    • Astera's Essence Box
    • Restoration Scroll (Gift)
    • Goibhniu's Stone
    • Max Stat Astera's Essence: Armor Box
    • Legendary Ore Destiny Box
    • Max Stat Armor Legendary Ore Destiny Box