How the Gremlins Boo'd the Pump Kin

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: October 20th - November 17th

Happy Halloween! To celebrate this year's Halloween, the Strange Traveler's brought you a fun and special event! Growing your Pumpkin Pal to earn exclusive event rewards! But to grow them, you need Pumpkin Juices! Complete the hallowed adventure the Strange Traveler has for you by defeating the Halloween Pump Kin to take back precious Pumpkin Juices! And if the tiny gremlins get too freaked out, calm them down by tossing a Gremlin Globe their way! Enjoy!

Event Details

  • Per-character Event (Lv. 60+)
  1. Upon logging in during the event, all Lv. 60+ characters will receive 1 [Boo-Tiful Entry Pass] per day in the mail.

    1. Note:
      1. The Warm Welcome Shop sells 1 [Boo-Tiful Entry Pass] per day for 300,000 Gold.

      2. The [Boo-Tiful Entry Pass] can only be used until 11/17 at 7 AM UTC.

  2. All Lv. 60+ characters can progress through the [Event: How the Gremlins Boo'd the Pump Kin] story through the Strange Traveler.

  3. Upon completing the story, you can progress through the battle [How the Gremlins Boo'd the Pump Kin].

  4. The entry pass is consumed upon departing for [How the Gremlins Boo'd the Pump Kin].

  5. Complete the [How the Gremlins Boo'd the Pump Kin] and you can get titles according to the number of times you've completed this.

    1. This is continued from the previous Bizzare Journey Event. if you already obtained them, you cannot get them again.

    2. Obtainable Titles:
      1. Champion of Gremlins (Completed x10)
      2. Friend of Gremlins (Completed x20)
      3. Savior of Gremlins (Completed x30)

  6. The Pumpkin Juices obtained from the Dungeon is used to grow pumpkins after returning to the village. The more you complete the Halloween Pumpkin, the more rewards you'll get! You can grow a Halloween pumpkin by right-clicking on a Pumpkin Juice.

  7. You will receive rewards according to your Pumpkin Pal's growth level. Refer to the Reward Details below.


-------------------- [How-to-Play the Event Dungeon] --------------------

  1. Enter into the Dungeon and receive 30 Gremlin Globes from the Supply Station.

    1. When you move to a new dungeon, a new Supply Station appears, and you can recharge up to 30 Gremlin Globes from that Supply Station.

    2. Gremlin Globe Supply Station

  2. If you throw a Gremlin Globe obtained from the Supply Station, after a few seconds, you can calm the Gremlins with the calming effect of the Gremlin Globe. Normal attacks cannot calm the Gremlin.

  3. Be sure to calm down as many Gremlins as possible before the timer gauge of the dungeon runs out. Whenever you calm a Gremlin, you can increase the timer gauge, and you'll get Pumpkin Juices based on your final achieved number.

    1. When using the Gremlin Globe:
      1. Beware that the Scrappy, Roguish, Sorcerous, and Pious Gremlins cannot be calmed down with a Gremlin Globe.

      2. Keep calming the Tiny Gremlins down to give yourself additional time.

      3. Calm the Armor Gremlins in front of the Fomor Gates to proceed to the next sector.

  4. Ultimately, you have to take down the Halloween Pump Kin.

  5. The boss monster, Halloween Pump Kin, can be attacked after throwing a Gremlin Globe to neutralize it, and can only be attacked when the calming effect is applied.



Reward Details

Level Reward
1 Pumpkin Candy x10
2 Clodagh's Experimental Dye Ampoule (Empty) x1
3 Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule (Empty) x1
4 AP 300 Capsule (Gift) x1
5 Seal of Bravery Pouch (20, Binding) x1
6 Halloween Emblem Destiny Box x1
7 Jack-O'-Lanterns Hat (Outfit) Box x1
8 Unstable Enhancement Rune (Binding) x1
  • 9 Juices required for each next level up.
  • No duration for the items above.
  • Only the Halloween Emblem Destiny Box is tradeable within the account.
    The rest is bound to character.

[Pumpkin Candy]

  • Upon use, restores 2000 HP for you and your party.

[Seal of Bravery Pouch (20, Binding)]

  • When used, you obtain 20 Seals of Bravery.
  • You cannot have more than 1000 Seals of Bravery.
  • If you open the pouch when you have 981 or more, you will not obtain the exceeded amount.

[Halloween Emblem Destiny Box]

  • Can be shared within the account (Expires on 12/31/2020 at 7 AM UTC).
  • Upon using, you choose and obtain 1 out of the 6 emblems.
  • If you choose an emblem you already own, only the box will be consumed without giving you any items. Please be careful when using it.
Item Contents
Halloween Emblem Destiny Box Emblem: Spooky Ghost x1
Emblem: Scrappy Gremlin x1
Emblem: Magical Gremlin x1
Emblem: Roguish Gremlin x1
Emblem: Pious Gremlin x1
Emblem: Yummy Gremlin x1

[Jack-O'-Lanterns Hat (Outfit) Box]

  • Bound to character.
  • Upon use, you obtain Jack-O'-Lanterns Hat (Outfit).
  • Head part outfit (Wardrobe Point +1).