Ten Years Old! Check-In Event

  • 1 year ago


Event Period: October 27th - November 17th

Happy 10th Year Anniversary Vindictus Fans! Thank you for your continuous love and support for Vindictus for 10 years. And 10 more to come! To celebrate the happy and great milestone we've achieved together, we've brought a special event for you pouring you gifts for your awesome feat! Simply check-in 10 times throughout the event period to receive all the gifts we've prepared for you and enjoy the celebration with us! Once again, thank you Vindictus Fans and have a happy anniversary!

Event Details

  1. Upon logging in during the event, you can access the event, 'Happy Birthday, Vindy!' (Can progress through only once per account.)

  2. After staying logged in for 30 minutes, you can claim rewards through the check-in UI. (Can obtain only once per account.)


Reward Details

Cumulative Item Name Tradability
Day 1 Reilly's Toy: Fireworks Festival x1


Day 2 Title: 10 Years of Memories x1
Day 3 Ceara's Fatigue Potion
(Account Shareable) x30
Day 4 Shardelish Gift Box x1 Character
Day 5 Pet EXP 1000000 Capsule (Gift) x1
Day 6 Departure License
(Limited Sharing) x10
Day 7 Damascus Steel
(Limited Sharing) x100
Day 8 B-Day Stool Gift Box x1 Transferable
Day 9 Mini Merry Gremlin Gift Box x1
Day 10 Selectable Outfit Destiny Box (Account Shareable) x1
  • Damascus Steel / Selectable Outfit Destiny Box expires on May 31st, 2021 7 A.M. UTC.

Shardelish Gift Box

  • Obtain 3 each of Mysterious Shard Grade 2 and Abyssal Shard Grade 2
Item Name Quantity
Mysterious Shard Grade 2 3
Abyssal Shard Grade 2

Exclusive Equipment Outfit Obtainment List

Item Name Class
Special Dark Crest Outfit Set Lann
Special Sinister Half Plate Outfit Set
Special Shining Will Outfit Set Fiona
Special Holy Wing Half Plate Outfit Set
Special Temptress Outfit Set Evie
Special Broken Feather Outfit Set
Special Barbarous Outfit Set Karok
Special Cuallemeach Outfit Set
Special Heavy Assault Knight Outfit Set
Special Deathwind Outfit Set Kai
Special Veteran Archer Outfit Set
Special Naturewalker Outfit Set
Special Butterfly Outfit Set Vella
Special White Shark Outfit Set
Special Lightwind Outfit Set
Special Warrior Edge Outfit Set Hurk
Special K-9 Outfit Set
Special Renegade Outfit Set
Special Dancing Blade Outfit Set Lynn
Special Mystic Odyssey Outfit Set
Special Dancing Blossom Outfit Set
Special Silver Fox Outfit Set Arisha
Special Ivory Apex Outfit Set
Special Exquisite Agony Outfit Set
Special Winged Heart Outfit Set Sylas
Special Time Chaser Outfit Set
Special Soul Burst Outfit Set
Special Crystal Rose Outfit Set Delia
Special Eternal Guardian Outfit Set
Special Apprentice Outfit Set
Special Dragon Rise Outfit Set Miri
Special Serpent Shock Outfit Set
Special Sonic Blade Outfit Set Grimden
Special Black Viper Outfit Set
Special Desert Hawk Outfit Set
Special Demon Slayer Outfit Set Eira
Special Demon Stalker Outfit Set
Special Platinum Raid Outfit Set
Special Vika Horn Outfit Set Belle
Special Saint Nova Outfit Set
Special Golden Stag Outfit Set
Special Crest Master Outfit Set Lethor
Special Black Gale Outfit Set
  • Only 5 part of outfits are included, excluding character weapons.

  • [Special Temptress Outfit Set] and [Special Broken Feather Outfit Set] for Evie, there is no change in appearance when wearing headgear.

  • [Special Veteran Archer Outfit Set] for Kai consists of 3 parts [Head, Chest, Hands].