Thanksgiving Basket Case Event

  • 11 months ago


Event Period: November 17th - December 8th
Exchange Shop Period: November 17th - December 15th

Event Details

  • Per-character Event (Lv. 60+)
  1. Start the [Event: Thanksgiving Basket Case] from the Strange Traveler (Lv. 60+).

  2. When you complete [Event: Thanksgiving Basket Case] story, you obtain 2 [Mmm, Mmm! Turkey!] dishes.
    1. [Mmm, Mmm! Turkey!] is a food item. When you use it in places like the hot springs, you can share it with other characters around you.
    2. Food Effects: ATT/M. ATT +300, DEF +300, Attack Speed +1, Balance +1, Critical +1 (lasts for 1 hour).
    3. [Mmm, Mmm! Turkey!] Expiration: 12/31/2020 7AM UTC.

  3. Earn Stolen Party Baskets from Lv. 60+ battles and the material dungeon (obtain up to 40 a week).
    1. [Stolen Party Basket] Expiration: 12/15/2020 7AM UTC.

  4. Use the Stolen Party Baskets to access the Exchange Shop.

Battle Regions Where the Item Can Be Obtained

Battle Regions
The Giant Autumn Reed Bed A Clue Into the Abyss
Give a Beggar a Coin... Deciduous Forest What to Believe In Desolate Malina
What the Dead Leave Behind Glowing Plant Earth Shaker Gates of Hell
Taking Initiative Garden Guardian Troll Hunter Burning Temple
Wet, Dark, and Mossy Ben Chenner Trailhead Wasp Conqueror God of Death
Sewers Orders from Above The Chief of Death The Awakening - Armor of Darkness
Strong Drink A Friend Once Lost A Ruler's Refuge Awakening - Armor of Ivory
The Dark, Dank Sewers The Fallen Guardian Stormy Seas Fort of Oblivion
The Inverse Blade Summoning Remnant Appreciate a Pirate's Greatness Supply Lines
Silent Blade Ben Chenner Summit Tone Deaf Siren Light's Warning
Central Garden En Route Appreciate a Pirate's Magnificence Repeated Alert
Ahglan the Golem A Place of Loss Lost and Damned Cold Comfort
Gatekeeper of the Catacombs Statue at the Summit Treasure Hunt Broken Interdiction
Avatar of Destruction Lochlann Plains Devil in the Water Greed's End
The Fomorian Leader Lochlann Plains Entrance Desert Passage Just to be Sure
Betrayal Abandoned Ruins Cave of the Reaper Garden of Tears
The Evil One Facing the Inevitable The Last Meeting Corrupted Queen
Colru the Golem World of Pain Voices in the Dark Island Ruins
Earthborn Seal Burning Vice Search for the Destiny Stone Twists in Time
Frostborn Seal The Operating Room The Way Home Temple of the Fallen Moon
Timeless Rage Rescue Mission Endless Questions Shadow and Light
Fate and Destiny The Devil's Cook Underground City Radiance
Relic Exploration Deep Corruption Desert Princess Shining Lugh
Ruins Demo Quest A Moment's Notice Memory of the Past Agony and Despair
Ainle Demo Quest Shattered Will Death's Shadow Under the Surface
Holy Ground Peer into the Rift No Man's Mine Denizen of the Deep
Fine Mercenary Training Site A Long, Dark Path Crumbling Mine Bathed in Red
Secret Waterway Frozen Land Under the Moonlight Ainle at Stake
Rocheste by Sea Nothing to Lose Mine Rendezvous Ben Chenner Entrance
You Only Live Once The Vanishing Magician Traces of Battle Impermanence
Bizzare Machine      


Exchange Shop

Item Name Required
Premium Bath Soap x1 25 1x per
Wobbling Ducky Hairpin x1 -
Title: Going Hot Turkey x1
Seal Player Choice Box x1 20 2x per
Clodagh's Experimental Dye
Ampoule (Empty) x1
12 -
Experimental Outfit Dye
Ampoule (Empty) x1
Ampoule Extractor (Binding) x4
Mmm, Mmm! Turkey! x2 1
Merc Recovery Potion (Binding) x2
  • All items above are bound to character.

  • The following items expire on December 31st at 7 AM UTC.
    • Premium Bath Soap
    • Seal Player Choice Box
    • Mmm, Mmm! Turkey!

[Deca-Seal Destiny Box Available Item List]

  • Claim 1 of the following contents.
  • Box Expiration: 12/31/2020 7AM UTC
Item Name Quantity Obtained
Triumph Medal 10
Seal of Bravery
Seal of Dedication
Honor Medal
Sports Day Trophy