Eternal Crystal

  • 4 months ago


Sale Period: December 15th, 2020 - January 19th, 2021
Exchange Shop Period: December 15th, 2020 - January 26th, 2021

From the Special Cichol Set and Wings to the Macha Set and Wings... Become the protagonist of Vindictus's key story! You can meet them right now from the Eternal Crystal!

Item Name Contents Price (NX)
Eternal Crystal
Special Aura Cichol Set

Special Cichol Set

Cichol Wings

Special Aura Macha Set

Special Macha Set

Special All Curves Golden Knight Set

Special Devil's Miracle Set

Special Vestigial Goddess Set

and Many More!

1,900 (x1)

19,000 (x11)

57,000 (x34)

95,000 (x58)

Probability Rates

Exchange Shop

Item Name Quantity Required
Airtight Special Aura Cichol Set 1 450 Unlimited 1t
Airtight Special Cichol Set
Airtight Cichol Wings
Airtight Special Aura Macha Set
Airtight Special Macha Set
Airtight Macha Wings
Airtight Special All Curves
Golden Knight Set
Airtight Special Devil's Miracle Set 400
Airtight Special Vestigial Goddess Set
Superior Pet Destiny Box 150 Within
VVIP Service Package (30 Days, Gift) 100 UID x5 Binding
Fine Pet Destiny Box Unlimited Within
Premium Enhancement Rune 80 UID x5 Shared
Enhancement Rune (Gift) 30
Beginner Pet Destiny Box 20 Unlimited Within
Divine Blessing Stone (Gift) 30 10 Shared
Max Durability Increase Potion (Gift) 4 2
Goddess Grace (Gift) 5
Merc Recovery Potion (Gift) 20