New Year New You Event

  • 3 years ago


Event Period: December 29th - January 19th
Exchange Shop Period: December 29th - January 26th

In celebration of the new year, the New Year New You Event will be running. Complete daily missions and get the Beokros Uggo Boots!

Event Details

  • Per-character event
  1. Upon completing daily missions, you will obtain [2021 Happy New Year Coupon] x1.
    1. The expiration for [2021 Happy New Year Coupon] is until [1/26/2021 7AM UTC]
    2. You can obtain up to 1 [2021 Happy New Year Coupon] a day

  2. Use the [2021 Happy New Year Coupon] to exchange it for various items from the Exchange Shop, including the Beokros Uggo Boots (outfit)!

■ Exchange Shop

Item Name Coupon
Beokros Uggo Boots x1 13 1x per
Title: Happy 2021! x1 4
Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule (Empty) x1 3 3x per
Ampoule Extractor (Binding) x4
Superior HP Potion (Gift) x1 1 None
Ceara's Fatigue Potion (Binding) x1
  • All items above are bound to character.
  • Beokros Uggo Boots's Wardrobe Points rank is "Regular."