Regarding Magmell Arena Departure Issue

  • 3 years ago


2021-01-21 2:04 P.M. UTC Update:

  • Additional Update Regarding MagMell Arena Opening Hours

    • After today's unscheduled maintenance, the server has been expanded and content open time has been readjusted to ease the queue for the MagMell Arena for our players. Thank you for your patience and we hope this would allow more players to enjoy the new Magmell Arena content.

      • MagMell Arena Opening Hours Before: 21:00 - 07:00 (UTC)

      • MagMell Arena Opening Hours After Today's Readjustment: 18:00 - 07:00 (UTC)


Dear Mercenaries,

Currently, there is an issue that the departure is not smooth due to the large number of players waiting at the Magmell Arena. In this regard, we plan to work to enable smoother gameplay through additional server expansion work. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Primary Server Work Schedule: 1/20 19:20 ~ 19:30 (UTC-7) - Completed
    • During the 1st server maintenance hours, the use of PVP content except for tournaments is restricted.

  • Second Server Work Schedule: TBA - Completed

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding in advance.

- The Vindictus Team