Friday Night Live GM Event

  • 1 year ago



2021-04-13 10:45 A.M. UTC Update:


Event Time (EU)

Central European Summer Time (CEST): 19:00 to 21:00

Event Time (NA)

Pacific Time (PT): 19:00 to 21:00

Additional Event Details

  • This event is a per character event. 
  • Post screenshot on discord and include server and IGN.
  • The posted screenshot needs to be visible including the names.
  • One screenshot per match shall be counted.


In case any further clarification is needed, we will update as soon as possible. Thank you. 



Event Period: 04/13 - 04/27

Vindictus GM is holding an in-game event! 

Every Friday night during the event period your shy GM will be breaking the surface to enjoy Mag Mell Arena with you guys. 

Event Time

  • 19:00 to 21:00 (NA/EU Local Time) 

How to Participate

  • Enjoy the Mag Mell Arena during the event period. 
  • Make sure to take a screen shot if you see GYDaddy or Kerry playing Mag Mell Arena
  • Post the screen shot under the Discord channel

Event Reward

  • Rewards to All
    • Based on the number of screen shots posted on the Discord channel the reward shall be different
    • Mag Mell GM Reward I / II / III Box shall be provided
    • This reward shall be provided as a coupon after the event.  
Number of Screenshots Reward Box Trade Spec Open LV Box Contents
10 Mag Mell GM Reward I Transferable within account LV 100 Mag Mell Seal x20
30 Mag Mell GM Reward II Transferable within account LV 100 Mag Mell Seal x50
50 Mag Mell GM Reward III Transferable within account LV 100 Red Mag Mell Seal x3
  • Among the screenshots posted, GM will select 10 accounts to give an additional Mag Mell GM Reward III Box.